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| 8 | David: No, since I lived abroad for a long time I am not that familiar with the korean culture (k-culture), but if there is something to celebrate isn’t it good manners for rankers to give out rice cakes and greet the neighbours?

| 4 | White Bird: It’s not manners, it’s courtesy.

| 8 | David: Fuck ㅡㅡ This is why I put an interpretation on the writing you little birdhead.

| 8 | David: Hey, No.1 are you going to keep saying no comment?

| 8 | David: If we are going to really be framed for friendship, then let’s actually have a little friendship, okay?

| 5 | Bambi: Go somewhere else and find out. It’s going to be hard to see them for a while.

| 6 | Late Night Snack King: ? huh, I didn’t know you guys were close enough for you to know.

| 6 | Late Night Snack King: ???

| 6 | Late Night Snack King: The crazy bastard is coming and joking as he chews on his words like Llama;;

| 8 | David: Oh you asshole ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ why? Rivals alone every day;

| 12 | Imagination: The truth everyone knows, but he alone never knows…

| 15 |Teacher: Head. Please don’t talk. I beg of you..

| 20 |Renewing my public certificate: Team Leader Si-Kyun! The tutorial walk ended earlier than planned, but will the new hunter registration continue on the fixed date? Please contact us to confirm.

| 8 |David: Oh don’t change it, just get some moreㅡㅡCompulsory training for a week is too short.

| 25 | Christmas: Reminds me of the old days where I was a newbie and wanted to learn new things and make new friends… Office workers miss school life.

| 3 |Alpha: That’s right. In March it’s a new beginning, flowers bloom and storms bud. It is also the traditional starting point of the academy genre. Look at the heirs^^~ It is a masterpiece of the times.

| 25 |Christmas: ;;;; Why is the story turning into a drama again?? It’s always the heirs;

| 3 |Alpha: It reminds me of Tan-ssi. If you don’t like it, you can change your name ^^~*(Christmas = Seongtan)


The blooming March.

New tutorial.

And a new semester.

Spring is a time of exciting new beginnings.

After the tutorial and before ‘registration’, the newbies who entered the training center for compulsory education were starting to show up.

Optimus Prime, a prestigious college entrance exam.

A new relationship was also sprouting up in the special management team for the art selection at Jong-ro headquarters.

“This is a secret… ..but actually, “Jo” is my brother.”

‘What? This punk?’

“It’s a real secret, so you should never tell anyone. All right?”

‘Why are you telling me this when you just met me for the first time…?’

The first day of class.

An early resignation letter (on the subject of the academy) was given to her by my homeroom teacher to send her home only if she had a good reason.

Gyeon Zio, a three-timer student, wrote on the

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