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The air around that could only be felt by the strong was hot.

They were so quick-witted… This is why she didn’t like rankers.

Though of course, this was something she expected since the moment she came into the tower.

Since the person Zio was looking for was Eun Seok-won, she would definitely be exposed to some extent.

That’s why she covered her face… because she was confident in her ability to look backwards.

She thought the chances of her getting caught would be one in a million.

The reason why she was caught so fast was probably because of the sudden change in her ability.

As soon as she entered the Babel Tower she was bombarded with various buffs. She was so surprised that she forgot to control it.

‘I was off guard…’

No matter what a ranker did, only honey came out.

Who knew it would be this much honey? The scene of balance collapse would make even professional honey suckers cry.

Of course, it wasn’t a big deal since the only ones here would be from channel 1 anyways.

The strange sense of belonging and bonding with each ranker in the channel was very strong.

There was an unwritten rule of not leaking what was being talked about in the channel.

Keeping each other’s secrets was more like a national rule.

‘If a madman broke it, I will bring justice to it.’

Zio was a bystander who pursued non-violence, but the path of absolute was the path of absolute.

‘If they mess around, they could ruin everything…’

She thought she heard somewhere that Jesus, the son of someone from Nazareth, also dealt with a bad businessman who wouldn’t listen.

She was busy with her studies so she didn’t have the time to work hard, but what could she do?

Gyeon Zio’s normal comfort life was more important than the CSAT .

[Your contractor ‘Reader of Fate’ nods his head.]

[He takes out a light stick, and says while shaking it that his baby should do everything she wants to do.]

Anyways, since she was caught.

Gyeon Zio, who hid her power, went straight for her destination.

With every step she took, the eyes of Gyeon Ji-rok, who was following her from behind burned.

It was almost like a laser beam.

‘What, X-men? I thought it was a cyclops.’

“…Leader. What’s wrong with you?”

“Murmur, murmurmur, murmur.”

Speaking to oneself.

Zio ignored it and tried to sit over the sofa in an arrogant manner… but since the sofa was quite large for her body, she ended up pulling her legs together and folding them.

However, there was still quite a bit of charisma chin up.

“Hey, Eun. It seems your situation has improved a bit. Huh?”

“…I don’t know who you are, but that’s rather rude of you…”


Tiger moved his chin.

It meant go back and not leave without notice.

Eun Seok-won smiled cooly.

“It’s still the same. Long time no see. Have you been fine?”

“Up until this morning.”

“You have to do something like seizing the throne to move

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