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If you are korean, you will know the fear of the sound the morning bird sang.

When you don’t hear the alarm while sleeping and you get late for school or work.

Also, when you miss the right time to sleep and then look out the window at the rising sun with tears in your eyes from playing all night long.

The birds around the peninsula used to sing clearly, picking up only the later moments.

“Contractor… turn off the alarm.”

Zio shook her hand as she called out to her contractor as if she was calling for siri.

Like the sounds of birds singing, something annoying kept twinkling in front of her eyes.

But wait, sounds of birds?

Did birds cry in the daytime these days…?

The average time Gyeon Zio woke up was at 11am at the earliest and 2-3pm at the latest.

Come to think of it, it sounds a little too artificial to be birds…

Zio suddenly got goosebumps and opened her eyes wide.

Sure enough.

Babel network.

[Ranking has been updated.]

[Currently Gyeon Zio’s domestic ranking is 2nd and 4th in the world.]


“…is this a dream?”

Yes. It must be a dream.

It was the perfect dream.

Gyeon Zio tucked herself back in the blanket.

Ding diing-


IphoneXs Plus

Out of service phone (11)

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34 unread messages

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Wow, even kakaotalk exploded in her dream, it feels so real.

In self-praise, Zio reached out her hand and roughly unlocked the phone.

[Mother’s son: Hey.] 07:24

[Mother’s son: Hey are you crying?] 07:24

[Mother’s son: (Emoticon)] 07:24

[Mother’s son: ㅋㅋㅋㅋa.] 07:25(ㅋis basically like saying lol)

[Mother’s son: I knew this would happen one day ㅋㅋㅋㅋ] 07:25

[Mother’s son: You’ve been lying down while others have been working hard, I told you, you look like an egyptian mummy; ah good riddance; Finally justice. This is society, hehe.] 07:27

[Mother’s son: But maybe this is not a bad idea.] 08:13

[Mother’s son: Sister.] 08:13

[Mother’s son: You can’t always live on the top, sometimes you have to taste the air from below.] 08:32

[Mother’s son: You can be more humane now.] 08:35

[Mother’s son: Come home quickly and eat mothers cooking of your favorite sausage side dish.] 08:39

[Mother’ son: Hey, where are you?] 09:11

[Mother’s son: You didn’t contact me right away.] 09:11

[Mother’s son: If you don’t call me before this afternoon, I’ll put a wanted list for you on the world channel.] 09:15

[Mother’s son: I’m not kidding.] 09:15

[Mother’s son: I’m serious.] 09:16

What the hell, give back her number 1 spot.

Did she really become a kong? Kong Jo is this you now?

“Explain, unni.”

Didn’t you say you would release her from the stress of rankings. That you would let her walk a flowery path?

Is this the result of seducing a naive elementary school student who didn’t know anything and threw away her life?

‘Even a scrap car is a

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