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The nightmare of March.

Around 8000 victims in total.

Cracks were cracks, but the amount of sacrifices made in the man-made calamity also couldn’t be ignored

The government who abandoned the people, and the hunters that ignored their duties.

The protests that demanded for the impeachment of the president continued every day in the streets.

And petitions calling for the giant guilds to be punished were carried out nationwide.

Lion’s Eun Seok-won lost one of his eyes.

The grade 1 crack on Mt.Seoraksan had the highest number of casualties.

The only people who blocked it were the members of 〈Silver Lion〉and its affiliated forces.

Numerous Lion brothers never came back and were forever buried in Seorak.

The〈Silver Lion〉guild expressed its support for the reform of the awakeners act.

Same went for 〈Haetae〉that protected Uijeongbu by itself.

Along with the temporary hiatus of 〈Haetae〉 the guild master announced that he would retire after handing the position over to his granddaughter, Ha Yan-sae, who was a high schooler.

For all the big guilds except 〈Silver Lion〉and 〈Haetae〉, the flames of hatred people had against them couldn’t be extinguished. Every day a different apology press conference was held.

But it was already over,

Their reputations had already become bloody.

Because there were too many victims, joint funerals had to be divided region by region.

Zio looked at the portrait of her father that was too far away to be seen clearly.

Estimated time of death;

March 26th, 10:40 in the morning.

By the time Zio asked where her father was, Gyeon Tae-song was already at death’s door.

His body, which was found late, contained two notes.

One was a request to go and rescue his young daughter and the civilians at the Oriental medical clinic, while the other was a will to give to his family.

He had written in advance just in case he wouldn’t be able to return alive.

Thanks to that, everyone else was able to safely get rescued.

Zio was taken to the hospital immediately after being rescued due to a high fever, she woke up right before the funeral.

Everyone, including her mother, strongly opposed her attending the funeral, but she refused and cried until she could go.

There was heavy air everywhere.

The grieving sobbing of the bereaved families.

Her younger brother, Ji-rok stood next to the dazed Zio and held her hand tightly, not letting go.



“If parents get awakened, there is a higher chance for the children to do so.”


“I-I’ll definitely become awakened and… will climb the tower. I will climb up until the last second and find out why they are doing this to us.”

He would definitely do that.

Teary eyes.

A young Ji-rok made a promise with his tear filled eyes.

January, and December, they were 11 months apart.

They were born in the same year and grew up as friends instead of siblings.


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