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An otherworldly catastrophe that ignores the laws of nature, appearing randomly and creating cracks in spaces

A Blue Hole (Blue-hole)

(The second blue hole is written in English)

Named, the monster gate

Under the special disaster act, the awakened were given the duty of disposing of these cracks

Once the Babel network gave the coordinates for the gate in advance, the center would team up with the association and place the awakened in their appropriate positions

That’s why they had to check the schedules of the hunters assigned had to in advance

If a monster gate came out while someone was waiting for a cup of coffee, they would close the gate

It was a clean and efficient system for everyone

But as Babel stated, no matter how hard they might work, sudden cracks and guerrilla dungeons would appear

At that time, emergency response teams from the center would be dispatched, and nearby hunters would be randomly arranged and called in

In other words, the more populated an area was, the faster the situations would be solved


[A Sudden gate has appeared, a sudden gate has appeared]

[An unexpected crack has appeared, please evacuate the area and immediately head over to a safe place]

! Emergency Disaster Notice [Ministry of Public Administration and Security]

Coordinates 37°30’16.4’N


An unexpected Grade 6 crack appeared at 20:14 today. Under the special disasters act, nearby awakened are expected to respond

Oh, how lucky

The strawberry smoothie Zio ordered was the last order

Once the alarms started ringing, all the employees and customers in the store were busy running away

In the meantime, the ordered appearance of the veteran citizens from a Hunter Powerhouse started

She thought it would be too obvious if she sat by herself, so Zio also stood up

‘It’s been a while since I had received a call’

After the college entrance exams she couldn’t check it since she was locked up in the academy, in the evil and terrible boarding school it was forbidden to use your phone

Thanks to that, it had been a long time

‘It’s a Grade 6, Grade 6….’

Zio reached a conclusion while sucking on the straw

Yeah, she guessed she didn’t have to go

The threat levels of cracks ranged from Grade 1 to 9

Grade 1 was the most dangerous, while Grade 9 was a piece of gum (According to Gyeon Zio)

If it was Grade 1, rather than a simple text like this, a massive order would be declared. During this time, if you refused to comply, you would become a traitor of the nation

For example, Mr.Yoo who had flown to the US when a Grade 1 gate occurred a few years ago was yet to set foot on Korean land again. According to Stephen Yu

Anyways Grade 6 was somewhere between medium and low difficulty, so it was a normal level(According to No.1)

It could be solved between D and DDD rank hunters alone

Besides, this was the Seolleung stati

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