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Prologue, The appearance of a S-Rank;

“Not measurable?’

The headquarters for the awakening management bureau of Korea

The so-called ‘Center’

Jang Il-hyun, the Capital’s general team leader, took a deep breath up to his chin

He didn’t know how many red lights he had violated as he was called in to come on his way home from work

“We will put you in the waiting room for now”

“The new measuring machine we brought in from Washington the other day, is it set-up yet? Get it ready immediately”

“However Chief, there is a possibility of a mechanical error….”

“Right now!”

At his sharp cry, the staff hurriedly ran out. Jan il-hyun swallowed his dry-saliva and stood in front of the waiting room

There were only two possibilities for when a rating meter says ‘unmeasurable’

First is that it’s a simple malfunction in the machine, but in the other case, in this country, there would finally be…!

‘A-a kid?’

“Are you Miss Gyeon Zio?”

So little, and young

It was surprising, but the agility of the korean public officials who went through many hardships before was truly amazing

Jang Il-hyun calmly and politely lowered his standards

“By the way”

“…forgive my rudeness, is your guardian here with you”

“I’m here alone”

“Forgive me again, are you old enough, or rather how old are you?”

“I’ll be in my 4th year the day after tomorrow. Hey do you usually ask this question when registering to be a ranker? It’s an invasion of privacy”

“…my apologies”

Looking down on kids these days will bring you lots of trouble

Jang Il-hyun, 32 years old and an elite, was crushed by a wild 3rd year elementary schooler

In the meantime, the new measuring machine was being prepared. It was the newest version that had just arrived from Washington last night

The unidentifiable ‘black tower’, the ‘gates(cracks) where monsters pour out from, and… the ‘rankers’ whose abilities break through the limits of normal mankind

It had already been a few years since the genre of the world suddenly changed along with its appearance

This meant that the research data related to ‘babel stone’ that could read information of the awakened people had already accumulated a lot

The latest version, which was the closest to the completed product, was a new product that could perfectly identify the growth limitations of awakeners and their magic power

“Hmmm. the max limit for the old version was AAA level right? Maybe Chief’s prediction is right”

“Deputy Chief. Weren’t you supposed to get off work?”

“I am the same as you. I ran here after receiving an emergency call. By the way, won’t this be a problem?”

She is so young…

The deputy chief muttered to himself, glancing back towards Zio

“Did you see the report? She is only in her 3rd year of elementary school. She is quick to be awakened also”

“It’s not small when you consider the country’s name depends on it. I am sick and tired of

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