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Bugatti, McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and so on.

A sense of reality suddenly came while looking at the scenery full of super cars which were usually extremely rare to see.

‘I’m finally entering the big league.’

Mother, she did it!

A participant of the 40th tutorial run, Na Jo-yeon looked at the sky as she wiped her nose.

Of course, her mother was healthy at home, but she thought it was finally time for her to do this.

「Jo-Yeon-ah, have you ever heard of the name ‘the honorable crown prince Yeong Yu Jong-Ho’ .」

(an idiom that basically means all men are equal under the law, I will put a more detailed explanation at the end)

「Yes mother. How can there be no seed of crown prince! I also keep this old proverb deeply in my heart and won’t give up on my Hunter’s dream…」

「No, my dear. Why would your name be Jo-yeon?」

「huh? 」

「Don’t be deceived by plausible bullshit. The seed of a crown prince is very different.」

「oh… yes.」

「But you also need to remember this. Happiness is ultimately up to the supporting role.」

(Her name, Jo-yeon can also mean supporting role)

「The protagonist the world chooses is either the first or last. If you look at their lives it’s always bloody and noisy. But the middle of the pyramid? Its peaceful and comfortable, nobody cares.」

「So the supporting role is the winner.」

「Always keep that in mind my dear daughter!」

A name given to her by her mother, who was a terrible realist.

But she wouldn’t have known that her daughter would be living as an extra 1 instead of a supporting role.

‘But Mother! Today your daughter is finally one step closer to the true value of her name! Right next to the main character! Please watch me as I walk the path of the supporting role with strength and dignity!’

With eager eyes, Na Jo-yeon looked up at the outer walls of the Babel Tower.

A giant tower with no end in sight.

On the black wall that was as smooth as a well processed jewel, the ranking of the 1st channels rankers, aka the top rankers in Korea was floating in magic letters.

She had heard that the ranking which updates in real time could be seen within the tower.

In particular, ‘the top ten’ which listed the top ten in the heavenly world was separately marked larger.

[Rankings] Local – Korea

《 1 》 Eun Seok-won ▲1

《 2 》 Jo • Anonymous ▼1

《 3 》 Alpha • Jeong Gil Gaon –

| 4 | White Bird • Ha yan-sae –

| 5 | Bambi • Gyeon Ji-rok –

| 6 | Late Night Snack King • Hwang Hon –

| 7 | Tiger –

| 8 | David • Choi David –

| 9 | Guyuni Guyuni • Kim Si-kyun – (Their nickname uses 2 different Ni’s when saying Guyu ni)

| 10 | Hong Goya –

‘Huh, the king…’

Na Jo-yeon grabbed her aching chest. Her heart was aching like it was being ripped to pieces.

Aside from Bambi and Late Night Snack King who would always switch between 5th and 6th place, it was really rare to see arrows appear in the heavenly world.


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