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The clinic staff, including doctors, four.

The middle aged people waiting for a checkup, three.

An old person who has a hard time moving, four.

An elementary school kid, one.

And… an E-rank hunter, one.

Assuming that the gate that exploded in front of him was Grade 2, it was the perfect suicide squad.

Not the DC comic’s villain team, but a literal suicide squad.

“It won’t work… It’s true that data won’t work when you are close to a gate.”

“Still, you should try your best to use your phone as little as possible, since they might work later. We have to save battery.”

“Why does electricity keep going out? We are lucky that we have a radio. If there were no disaster broadcasts in this situation…”

“Fuck, there is no meaning! They are saying that it’s dangerous and we shouldn’t come out like a parrot! Why don’t they just get rid of the lockdown? This is why the government is trash now! I didn’t vote for this motherfucker in the first place!”

“Why are you talking about politics in a situation like this in the first place?”

The young lady next to him slapped him as he tried to yell after the young nurse’s words. There was no time for arguments in a situation like this.

The disaster broadcast called it a massive crack.

Not only Yong-in, but also Uijeongbu, Cheonan and Sokcho were all in crisis.

In particular, the eruption at the Mt.Seoraksan side was equivalent to a Grade 1 disaster, so many of the top rankers were headed there.

Jukjeon which was evaluated as Grade 2.5 • The surrounding area was closed off.

Military units and hunters were still fighting…

The beasts, led by beings of hell, easily walked around without being defeated.

The disaster broadcast kept on repeating a heavy advice not to go outside.

Auuuu- uuuu-!

The creepy howling heard outside as the area darkened didn’t make the situation better.

‘We may have to stay for longer than I thought…’

Gyeon Tae-song kept on patting his silent daughter on the back.

“Zio, you will stay really close to your dad at a time like this. Isn’t that right, Zio?”


“My daughter, why are you so weak? Look at dad.”

“Does she have a fever? Wait a minute.”

The young lady who was talking with Zio earlier, Lee Eon-jung, hurriedly touched her forehead.

Then she bit her lips as she slapped Gyeon Tae-song’s arm.

“She has a fever! Your baby is burning yet you didn’t notice it even while you held her? Dad’s are always like this! Doctor! Doctor! The baby is sick! Hurry, hurry!”


Year 20xx, March 23rd

Resin due to the appearance of an unexpected Grade 2.5 crack • Giheung-gu district has been closed.

An Oriental Clinic at Bojeong-dong, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si.

1 Hunter, 12 Civilians

The current time is 22:07 at night.

Six hours into isolation.


“Are we going to stay here? We have to at least know people are locked up here!”

“Do you not hear the disaster

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