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"That's not all that surprising. Do you really think he would've failed to see through the fact that we had possessed this pair of Jiao Chi beings? He was simply looking for an excuse to perform a blood sacrifice anyway, so he's going along with our plan for now. With his powers as a true immortal, there's no way an ordinary Grand Ascension Stage being would've been able to pose any resistance to him," the male Jiao Chi being replied with a cold smile.

"That's true. What's most unexpected to me is that you know such a profound possession secret technique that can temporarily shake off that man's surveillance. If we had used this secret technique earlier, we wouldn't have been reduced to such a sorry state," the female Jiao Chi being said.

"You don't know anything. This secret technique is different from normal possession techniques as it involves completely planting one's soul into another physical body. It's extremely dangerous to use, and the success rate for me is only around 70%. On top of that, once this secret technique is unleashed, my original body will have to go into hibernation. During that time, it'll be carried by the newly possessed body, and in this new body, my powers will be severely restricted. As such, I wouldn't take such a huge risk by resorting to this technique if I had any other choice.

"As for why it was able to shake off that man's surveillance, I presume that's because this is also a secret technique from the True Immortal Realm. This is something that I didn't anticipate; I had prepared another course of action to shake him off, but that won't be necessary now," the male Jiao Chi being explained.

These two were none other than the Six-winged Frost Centipede and the Ice Phoenix, who had possessed a pair of Jiao Chi beings and temporarily shaken Ma Liang off their trail.

The Ice Phoenix was rather taken aback to hear this. "How did you come into possession of this immortal secret technique?"

"Back in the primordial world, I stumbled upon the cave abode of a foreign being and found a page of the Golden Jade Tome that contained this secret technique. Unfortunately, the complete secret technique can only be unleashed by a true immortal; this possession technique is actually only a small part of it, and it was the only part I could cultivate. Also, this possession can only last half a day before we're forced to return to our original bodies. Otherwise, there would be a decent chance that we could just get away like this," the Six-winged Frost Centipede replied in a slightly forlorn manner.

"So be it; it's already a pleasant surprise that you know this immortal secret technique that can temporarily shake that man off our trail. All we have to do is make it to another major city of the Jiao Chi Race while this secret technique is still in effect. I'm sure the Grand Ascension Stage beings of the Jiao Chi Race wouldn't just allow that man to do as he pleases. As long as they can stall that madman fo

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