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Normally, a lower-layer cultivator being accepted by a Core Formation cultivator as a disciple would definitely be an extremely bizarre matter, a situation that one could not even dream about. However, when Han Li was in shock after he heard these words, he instinctively detected that something was not right.

Based on his aptitude and magic technique, how could this kind of a good fortune fall upon his shoulders? As for the explanation that it was a great reward for his supposed great services to Yellow Maple Valley, Han Li believed it even less. If this Martial Ancestor had won the bet and, in a moment of excitement, accepted him because of this success, it might have actually been somewhat sincere. But even though he had clearly lost in a total mess, he still wanted to accept him as a disciple; this was enough to make Han Li think!

While Han Li was running through all these mental gymnastics, Martial Ancestor Li began to become displeased.

When he had said that he would accept Han Li as his disciple, he originally thought that the other person would definitely be incomparably ecstatic and immediately agree readily. But who expected that Han Li actually stood blankly in the same spot, his expression one of amazement. He actually didn’t immediately respond, which caused Martial Ancestor Li to feel somewhat resentful.

However, on the outside, Martial Ancestor Li naturally still had to maintain the poise of a Martial Ancestor, so he indifferently said:

“Han Li, if you aren’t willing to take me as your master, you only need to clearly say it; I will not force you! I can separately bestow a few magic tools upon you as compensation!”

When Han Li heard this, he knew that although the other person’s words were pretty, he definitely was not happy in his heart. Han Li was very clear even without thinking hard what the consequences of offending this Martial Ancestor would be. In addition, for a Qi Condensation disciple like him to refuse a Core Formation cultivator’s acceptance of a disciple excessively defied common sense. Perhaps after he refused the offer, he would attract even more troubles.

Thinking to this point, he gritted his teeth. No matter what the other person’s attempts towards him were, he would first deal with the situation in front of him.

“Disciple is obviously delighted to be able to kowtow under Martial Ancestor’s tutelage, it is this disciple’s honor! Earlier it was just that disciple was too happy and completely forgot to speak; please forgive disciple, Martial Ancestor!” Han Li said with a hurried tone, his face blushing strongly as he pretended to regain his focus after being exhilarated.

Then, Han Li very tactfully kowtowed a few times to Martial Ancestor Li, immediately performing the ritual of formally becoming a disciple.

“Very good! From today onwards you are my, Li Huayuan’s, disciple; this Jade LightSabermagic tool can be regardedas a greeting present.” A smiling, exuberant expression

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