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When the Confucian scholar heard Han Li’s words, he stared blankly for a moment before immediately smiling. Then he joyfully said, “Senior, it is fortunate that you’ve told me this, else you would have gone on a trip in vain! Although the fame of the Heavenly Star Sect’s formation spells is quite renown, this does not apply to the Stardust Pavilion’s top formation flags and formation plates. Although there are many and various formation flags and formation plates inside the Stardust Pavilion, they are only common rubbish sold to small cultivator clans and rogue cultivators. Formation spell tools of true quality are not released by the Heavenly Star Sect. This is because if their finest spell formation items were released to outsiders, the gaps in their formation could be seen through. As they say, the gains do not make up for the losses!”

As the Confucian scholar was explaining off to the side, he stole a look at Han Li. However, the hood of Han Li’s cloak prevented his face from being seen, and so the scholar couldn’t make out the slightest of emotion, much to his great frustration.

“From your tone, it sounds as if you know where I can find the items I want!” Although Han Li was greatly surprised from the Confucian scholar’s words, he still maintained his flat, calm tone, completely hiding his inner shock.

When the Confucian scholar heard this, he first looked left and right several times. After there was no one around, he secretly whispered, “If Senior believes this Junior, he can introduce you to a secret store that very few know about. Although that location has a small issue about its past history, all of its goods are high quality and rarely seen! I believe that Senior will certainly be able to find satisfactory formation spell tools there.”

“Secret store?”

Although Han LI’s voice was still low, he was actually inwardly startled by the Confucian scholar’s words.

In the past several years, Han Li had heard rumors of a secret store once or twice. Han Li knew that if the Confucian scholar spoke truthfully, this would be a truly rare chance to broaden his horizons.

“It seems that Senior also know a bit about the secret store. Hehe! This is great. In that case, there’s no need for Junior to waste time explaining. There are probably still four to six hours left before the secret store’s monthly auction. If Senior wishes to go, please decide soon. I will be able to immediately show you the way!”

When the Confucian scholar saw Han Li display no disgust upon the mention of the secret store, he could not help but secretly rejoice. He knew that chasing after this client was most likely the correct course of action for him to take.

“It isn’t too far?” Han Li suddenly asked.

“It isn’t far. The secret store is within the market city. Does Senior approve?” The Confucian scholar grew a bit excited. By giving the secret store a potential customer, he was able to reap a significant percentage in spirit stones.

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