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When the barefoot man heard this, his heart filled with vigorous rage! This woman already had difficulty protecting her own life, yet she still continued to repeatedly raise her baseline!

“Good! Good! Good!”

Thus, he laughed, annoyed, and said three “Good’s”..

“Then today you can die here!”

Having said this, he pointed the huge silver sword out, and the huge sword immediately shot out brilliantly, releasing an extremely dazzling sword tip. Next, a relentless pressure shot out ruthlessly towards the young woman’s forehead.

When the young woman saw this, she gritted her teeth and hurriedly commanded the silk handkerchief to become a yellow plate roughly the size of a wheel to directly block it.

With a “rip”, the this top-grade magic tool that had been completely spent had actually been cut into pieces by the full-force huge silver sword, floating everywhere in the air. The silver sword brilliantly flashed, and under the control of the big man, it unhesitatingly continued to stab at the bitterly smiling young woman.

With a clear “dong” sound, when the silver sword was ten meters away from the young woman’s forehead, it was blocked by a golden flying dagger that came shooting over from the side. Then, it danced in the air as a ball of golden light above the young woman; it would not allow the silver sword to drop even an inch.

“Who is it? Get out here!” The barefoot man’s face fell, and he made a gesture, retrieving the silver sword. Then, his eyes swept like lightning towards the side and tenaciously stared at a huge mountain rock, unwilling to let it go. This was because he had seen very clearly that the gold blade had flown out from there.

“Hehe! The weather today is pretty good! Why would everybody fight and kill each other? It would be much better if we all sat down and had a nice, pleasant conversation!” A figure flashed out from behind the rock, and an average-appearing yellow-robed youth spun out. This person rubbed his head, then raised his head to look at the sky and spoke this with a laugh.

However, this youth’s face was filled with helplessness! It was precisely the Han Li who, seeing that the young woman’s life was in danger, had no choice but to make a move and saved the green-clothed young woman.

Han Li could only look at the sky and be speechless; he had actually made a move without thinking more about it upon seeing the young woman’s gloomy countenance! This was truly breaking one of his rules to always play it safe. He had gotten himself into a troublesome situation for no reason; truly, beautiful women brought disaster!

However, Han Li also knew that this mostly was because the impression that woman had left on him was truly too deep. He was also unable to watch this person of whom he had a very favorable impression die right in front of his eyes and act indifferent! It seemed like his heart could not actually be considered hard; he really wasn’t a vicious, merciless, and ambitious

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