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Han Li felt that he was having an incredibly marvelous, erotic dream; the person with him in the dream had a burning passion, but he could never clearly see the face of the peerless beauty

But even if the erotic dream were better, there would always be a time when he would wake up. After an unknown amount of time had passed, Han Li finally awoke from his glamorous dream.

But as soon as he opened his eyes, what he saw was a gorgeous, peerless face and a pair of snow-like cold pupils. This beautiful face was both unfamiliar yet familiar at the same time, causing Han Li’s heart to thump once.

“You woke up!” The young woman said indifferently with a voice no trace of emotion. This caused a slight chill to rise from Han Li’s back when he heard it.

Speaking of a chill, Han Li discovered that his entire naked body was tightly embracing a similarly naked beautiful woman. The woman’s face was first crimson, but immediately her sleek eyebrows rose vertically, and her jade-like face frosted over. She coldly spat out:

“Have you had enough! Take your dog paws off me and let me go!”

Started, Han Li instinctively retrieved both of his hands and released the woman.

This great beauty, seeing that Han Li had let go, hurriedly used one hand to push herself off the ground. Her eye-catching, curved body immediately stood up from Han Li’s chest.

But just as the extremely beautiful young woman’s slender waist had straightened, she yelled out, her flowery face losing its color with pain. Her body shook once, and then she fell again into Han Li’s chest, causing Han Li to again experience the feeling of soft jade covering his torso.

Han Li did not consider himself to be a base person, but he definitely did not consider himself to be a person with noble character.

So when this beautiful woman had thrown herself into his arms, he regained his focus and immediately rode his hands up, pressing the woman up against his body. The, he gently kissed the woman’s tender, alluring lips, causing the words that the woman had wanted to berate Han Li with to be forcibly shocked away. Underneath Han Li’s hot kisses, her slender eyebrows slowly smoothed out, and she began to fall into a trance.

What followed was a case of “when conditions are right, success will naturally follow”!

Han Li and the young woman wordlessly enjoyed the taste of ecstasy between a man and a woman once again. This, compared to the experience they had when the two of them were in a state of semi-consciousness, caused them to become even more intoxicated and made them even more crazy and forgetful!

Today, the beautiful woman’s two eyes were tightly pressed up against Han Li’s chest, her two cheeks flushed red, her chest rising and falling indefinitely. Evidently, she had yet to awaken from the greatest stimulus. Han Li embraced this beautiful woman with one hand, and the other hand was incessantly fondling the woman’s round and well-developed area with a desire t

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