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“I’ve arrived. Which cave is this?” After four hours, Han Li stood on a black rock about half a person high. He was sizing up a cave opening that was several meters tall.

“It seems to be nothing out of the ordinary!” Han Li didn’t rashly enter but instead carefully observed the surroundings for a while. Although it could be said he was running short on time, he would never carelessly put himself into danger!

The secret cave mentioned in the information would appear quite unremarkable from the outside. As Han Li was traveling, he saw many similar simple caves in the wild that lacked even the slightest remarkable trait. He also didn’t know how the original founders were able to discover this cave. This caused Han Li to admire them even more!

After the time it took to make a cup of tea, Han Li was convinced that there weren’t any demonic beasts or anybody laying in ambush nearby and carefully walked toward the cave.

The cave was completely natural and consisted of a light azure mountain stone. There were no traces of artificial digging within. Han Li came to this conclusion after he looked at the cave walls as he walked toward the cave.

Then, Han Li’s body flashed and stealthily walked into the cave. However, just as he walked about ten steps, Han Li stopped. This was because after he turned two corners, his surroundings had already become pitch dark.

Han Li wrinkled his brow and searched through his storage pouch, taking out a moonlight stone the size of an egg. After he took it out, a soft white light clearly illuminated the vicinity. When Han Li saw this, he could not help but shake his head.

His original intention was to silently tread deeper into the depths of the cave and see whether or not there was a demonic beast guarding within. If there was one, Han Li would stealthily give it a lethal strike and save his effort! However, with the appearance of the moonlight stone, he became a clear target. How could he mount a sneak attack now?

Han Li lightly held the shining moonlight stone in his hand. After a moment of hesitation, he used his other hand to slap on an earth attribute defensive barrier. Then he crouched and continued on with light steps.

As the cave’s interior was not spacious like the wilds, his fast movement technique was certain to meet restrictions. With a layer of protection on his body, he was much more at ease. Although his speed was greatly reduced, he obviously couldn’t choose to have both speed and protection. Han Li clearly understood this and therefore had no complaints about it.

This cave was very long and narrow. After Han Li walked for no less than a quarter hour, he saw no sign of reaching the end. This caused his heart to feel apprehension, and he could not help but doubt that he had found the wrong location and instead found a nest of top grade demonic beasts!

Fortunately, after walking several tens of meters, Han Li’s worry had disappeared once he looked to the corner on h

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