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Under Han Li's manipulation, the purple fire that the eight dragons spat out became almost as thick as a finger. As the silver threaded cauldron’s rotation speed slowed down, the flame's center started to faintly tremble.

As time passed by, the small cauldron released a medicinal fragrance that could stir up a person’s spirit. However, Han Li clearly understood that at this moment, he was still very far away from forming a pill; at the very least, he would need to use an even more intense flame and coagulate the pill in an instant. Only in this way would he be able to produce the pill.

With this thought, the purple flame under Han Li’s control became even more dazzling, becoming even as thick as a bowl, causing the entire silver threaded cauldron to be enclosed within the flames. From afar, the small cauldron had already become a massive fireball, and the medicinal fragrance became increasingly heavy.

Han Li knew without guessing that this was the medicinal powder beginning to coagulate into a pill, and so he became increasingly careful.

But right at that moment, a muffled explosion came from the cauldron; although its sound wasn’t loud, it caused Han Li’s heart to sink, and his expression was somewhat ugly.

After hesitating for a moment, Han Li sighed and stopped the Earth Fire. Then, with a wave of his hand, he opened the lid of the scalding small cauldron and reached his head out to take a look.

Within the cauldron were numerous chunks of light-blue solids that had split; it seemed like they were the waste products from the yet-to-coagulate pill!

Han Li shook his head and retrieved another jade box, placing it on the ground. Then, he controlled the silver threaded cauldron and flipped it, dumping these waste pills into the box, then stowed them away. Even if these were waste pills, they were still composed of various spiritual medicinal powders that had yet to coagulate; Han Li could not bear to just throw them away like that. Who knew if in the future he would have any other uses for them!

After completing all of this, Han Li went back to sitting on the prayer mat until the silver threaded cauldron had completely cooled down before starting to refine pills again.

He performed the same procedure with the same powder ingredients and the same technique when controlling the flame, but unfortunately, each time he still failed on the coagulation step.

This time, Han Li’s face had no expression; when his condition had been properly adjusted, he silently began the next cycle......

…A month’s time passed. The ugly man, seeing that Han Li had yet to come out of the Earth Fire room, felt very shocked. However, he was even more excited, because in this way he could charge even more fees.

After two months, stone door number eighteen still did not open; apart from the elation in his heart, the ugly man also felt great astonishment.

Three months...

After six months, Han Li still showed absolutely no

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