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With every wave of the fan, dense green fog shot out from the fan, directly heading toward the green-robed eccentric in front. With these seven to eight fan waves, the purple fog had long become incredibly thick and tightly enveloped the other person, forming a large purple sphere!

The green-robed eccentric was enshrouded in a sphere of black Qi, which blocked the green fog from entering it.

The black Qi and the green fog incessantly roiled and bit at each other, as if they were both alive. But regardless of how it was seen, under the control of the Yan Clan disciple, the green fog had a large advantage and was steadily suppressing the black Qi further and further.

“My cousin’s Bone Rotting Treasure Fan is an extremely well-known top-grade magic tool; if one comes into contact with even a tiny amount of the poisonous fog it releases, it will definitely melt away one’s flesh. However, my cousin always used to believe that this fan is too vicious, and so he was unwilling to use it lightly. But now that he is taking this seriously and has used it immediately, it is apparent that he has already determined not to allow the other person to retreat with their entire body intact!”

Seeing this, Yan Yu smiled exuberantly, explaining to the Dong Xuan’er standing to the side.

“Whoa! Is this fan really so well known? Do you know how it would compare to the famous Wind Lightning Fan? Which one is more powerful?” Dong Xuan’er lightly smiled, and the corner of her mouth raised slightly, putting on an exciting, foxy charm.

“Based on power alone, this fan may not be as strong as the Wind Lightning Fan. But as long as a cultivator with wood attribute spiritual roots uses it, the magic tool can be easily controlled unlike the Wind Lightning Fan; Unless one has both wind and thunder attribute spiritual roots, one cannot release the Wind Lightning Fan’s full power! Thus, this Bone Rotting Fan’s value is even above that of the Wind Lightning Fan!” Yan Yu was barely able to suppress the fantasies in his thoughts and carefully explained it, his heart beating wildly upon seeing Dong Xuan’er’s enchanting smile.

“What rubbish! This kind of a common top-grade magic tool, how can you even compare it to the Wind Lightning Fan? To have even one-tenth of its power would already be considered decent! In reality, I think that this fan is not even as powerful as the magic tool I possess, the Purple Light Cymbals.” A jealous expression surfaced on Senior Martial Brother Feng. Dong Xuan’er and Yan Yu were talking and laughing with one another, so he intentionally spoke sardonically.

“You dare to look down upon the magic tools that my Yan Clan refines? Good! Let me see the power of your Purple Light Cymbals, then!” Yan Yu, hearing the other person belittle the Bone Rotting Fan’s power like that, couldn’t help but want to test the other person a little out of anger.

“Good, I was just wanting to experience the magic power of the Yan Clan’s gifted di

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