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The place that Han Li intended to go to was located within some basin on the ring-shaped mountain; it was surrounded by large, strangely-shaped rocks that shielded it from the elements. Square in the middle of this basin was an ancient, huge azure stone temple. Although the stone temple was huge, the door to the temple was pitifully small; it could only allow two people to enter in side by side. This gave Han Li, who was standing on top of the rocks and gazing at it, an extremely strange feeling of discordance.

Han Li knitted his eyebrows and jumped off the rocks; then, he leisurely walked near the temple door, raising his head to look at this stone temple.

As he looked at it, the suspicion on his face became even more evident.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he always felt that on this stone temple’s surface, pale, azure light would occasionally flow; however, when he wanted to take a careful, close look at it, he was unable to see any difference. After doing this a few time, he began to quietly whisper to himself. Could people really have set some kind of magic technique here?

Han Li lowered his head, scanning the ground around him; he was unable to find any traces of people arriving before him, causing him to squint his eyes.

“There’s definitely something odd! Although this basin is somewhat remote, with this huge temple here, there’s no way that other people haven’t discovered it. Even more so, my own information was given to me by that guy Feng Yue; how could he not have arrived at this place before!” In a moment, Han Li’s heart had already run through numerous different ideas; he subconsciously felt that something was wrong.

But he was also somewhat unwilling to leave this place just like that.

Thus, he retreated a few steps, feeling around inside his storage pouch; a golden blade appeared in his hand, and he flung it into the air. It became a streak of golden light, fiercely striking a random azure stone on top of the temple door. With a “Puchi”, the azure stone flooded with azure light, safe and sound, while the golden blade flipped a few times in the air, having been reflected tens of meters away.

Han Li shook his head and turned around, about to leave this place.

“The main goal is to avoid pointless dangers and walk out of the forbidden area alive; this stone temple is so strange, it’s best if I don’t go in there,” Han Li thought, his expression unchanging.

But Han Li had just taken two steps when the color of his face dramatically changed; his figure flashed, and he disappeared into the air. Then, Han Li’s figure appeared again inside of the temple door, but it immediately disappeared again into the stone temple.

At this time, a huge flock of Masked Moon Sect disciples suddenly appeared on some of the rocks of the basin to the side; the leader was the seemingly young fairy woman, who was actually a Martial Ancestor of the Masked Moon Sect.

At this moment, the young woman gazed

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