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He raised his hand and cast a “Floating Technique” on the golden page that had fallen in his hand, causing it to float many feet in the air, acting as a target. He then began to use small bursts of Azure Essence sword streaks to attack it bit by bit, eagerly gazing at the page which seemed to absorb all of the sword streaks like a bottomless pit.

While doing this, Han Li had also tried to shoot an ice arrow towards it to see if that magic spell could also be absorbed. In the end, one arrow caused the page to go flying, ending Han Li's experiences with a fright. Instead, he obediently continued to shoot sword streaks into it.

Han Li’s Azure Essence sword streaks of the fourth layer should've been quite powerful, but the page had yet to respond as he was on the edge of exhaustion. Han Li bitterly complained as a result.

He truly did not know whether or not all his hard work would go to waste if he didn’t satisfy this page’s absorption of sword streaks all in one go!

Just as Han Li was conflicted about whether to proceed or stop, the page finally began to change, and the golden light on the page’s surface exploded out. The page was no longer able to absorb the sword streaks; instead, it began to reflect them, carving quite a few holes in the walls of the cave.

Han Li repressed the excitement in his heart, and he watched the page’s transformation without blinking at all.

The light on the page slowly began to retreat and converged into words of light as large as ants. The page soon became densely dotted with golden light, like the stars in the sky, causing Han Li to feel great shock!

Then, with a “patter”, the floating spell suddenly lost its effectiveness, and the golden page fell straight to the ground. Han Li, still in shock, instinctively and immediately stretched out and grabbed the golden page.

But just when Han Li’s fingers made contact with this item, it was as if the words of light had found an outlet and rushed in through that hand, fiercely channeling themselves throughout his entire body.

Han Li was greatly shocked, and the color drained from his face! He hurriedly wanted to toss aside the page, but the page forcibly stuck itself onto Han Li’s hand as if it were alive. Han Li was unable to shake it off despite his best efforts.

The transmission of the words of light was just too fast; in an instant, all of the words of light had crawled all over Han Li. Glistening words of light covered Han Li’s body from head to toe, appearing incomparably strange.

Han Li was helpless and scared witless!

Suddenly, the words of light appeared to have received a command and flocked toward his head. The countless words seeped into his brain in an instant, but because of the sudden rush, Han Li immediately held his head while screaming in pain.

If the current circumstances continued for even a bit longer, Han Li’s brain would most likely violently burst. Fortunately, the pain only lasted a short moment bef

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