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“Now there are no outsiders here anymore; why doesn’t Madame speak the truth! That way, I can determine what appropriate action to take, lest there be anything that I didn’t consider appropriately,” Li Huayuan said, his expression respectful.

When the young wife heard this, she glanced at Han Li, who was scratching his head and smiling bitterly, then finally opened her mouth and said:

“In the past two years, I unintentionally heard a few pieces of information concerning this matter, but whether they’re true or not, I don’t know. From hearsay, this Martial Senior Hong Fu’s female disciple is not restrained at all in the matters between males and females; when she was in the Qi Condensation stage, she had unclear relationships with numerous males. People have even privately fought for her, almost leading to disciples from the same sect killing each other. In the end, Martial Senior Hong Fu flew into a rage when she found out, grounding her to the confines of her cave and increasing supervision until she established her Foundation, at which point she was released again. But not too long after, word spread that she had gotten into a relationship with the young master of the Feng Clan and seemingly intended to cultivate as a pair with him. However, Martial Senior Hong Fu hates people from the Feng Clan the most, so she naturally would not agree to this matter and locked her up again. In the past two years, no such news has spread. Because there was no solid evidence to support these claims, I never paid any attention to them. Thus, when Martial Senior Hong Fu took her disciple along to visit, I didn’t think about this matter. Now, seeing Han Li’s extremely unhappy appearance, I felt that it was somewhat strange and suddenly remembered the rumors.”

The young woman’s somewhat apologetic remarks caused both Han Li and Li Huayuan to become slightly dazed upon hearing them.

Li Huayuan had never expected that the young woman surnamed Dong would actually have such a sloppy reputation, yet he had so hastily agreed to Martial Senior Hong Fu’s requests; how could this be a good thing! Likewise, Han Li naturally did not expect that this young woman not only had an unclear relationship with Senior Martial Brother Lu, but she actually had such a long string of lovers that! Even Han Li did not know how extensive it was. This rendered him to speechless once again.

“Wife, are you speaking the truth? Is Martial Senior Hong Fu’s disciple’s reputation really so poor?” Li Huayuan asked in disbelief. He could restrain himself no longer and stood up, then began to pace anxiously around the room continuously.

This was no longer simply a question of whether or not Han Li was willing to pair cultivate anymore. If he really allowed his own disciple to accept such a woman, his own reputation would definitely not improve.

“I don’t know. Because this matter was somewhat carelessly mentioned by someone else, perhaps even the person who told me this do

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