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“Quick, look over there!”

“This is?”

“I don’t dare to believe it!”

When this pile of spiritual medicines suddenly appeared on the ground, a few sharp-eyed individuals began to cry out in surprise!

These few yells immediately attracted the gazes of other people; of course, Martial Ancestor Li and Fu Yunzi were included in this group.

However, when the two people saw clearly the spiritual medicines at Han Li’s feet, the Daoist Priest’s grin immediately froze, while Martial Ancestor Li, after staring blankly for a moment, began to laugh loudly with pleasant surprise. This big pie that fell from the sky caused his heart to burst with joy.

After Martial Ancestor Li had realized his own loss of self control and stopped laughing, he stared at Han Li with a beaming gaze, assessing him constantly; how come when he looked at Han Li, he felt that Han Li was very pleasing? On the other hand, the Daoist Priest’s face had become ashen, still unable to believe that he had lost just like that; naturally, his gaze towards Han Li held great unhappiness.

“Daoist brother, this is done! Do you still want to trouble a member of the junior generation?” Martial Ancestor Li humphed after glancing at Fu Yunzi’s expression. He took a stride and blocked in front of Han Li, saying this with a straight face.

Today, Han Li had just helped him with a great service; he naturally could not allow this member of the junior generation to be frightened by Fu Yunzi in front of this many people. Otherwise, his face would be entirely gone.

The Daoist Priest, being scolded by Martial Ancestor Li like this, realized that given his own identity, glaring at a Qi Condensation disciple in this way was incredibly wrong. Other people would mistakenly believe he was trying to secretly retaliate against a member of the junior generation, so he hurriedly averted his gaze towards Martial Ancestor Li and forced a laugh:

“Martial Ancestor Li, it’s a misunderstanding. This Daoist Priest was only thinking that based on this young man’s cultivation base, it is truly inconceivable that he would be able to harvest so many spiritual medicines; I was only taking a few extra glances at him!”

The Daoist Priest made a huge effort to put on a nonchalant appearance, but as soon as he thought about that flood dragon inner Dan, he felt his heart bleed incessantly, and his expression had no way of returning to normal.

Martial Ancestor Li coldly laughed twice and noncommittally did not continue to speak. After all, he had achieved a great victory in today’s bet and was unwilling to continue to provoke the other person.

However, he was also somewhat suspicious of Han Li’s ability to obtain so many spiritual medicines, but in front of so many people from other sects, Martial Ancestor Li was unwilling to interrogate Han Li now and could only turn a blind eye to it. Not to mention, at this moment his heart was on fire; as long as he could triumph again over the Maske

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