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Han Li only saw twenty or thirty cultivators in the outer areas. There didn’t seem to be many people in the desolate market.

“Could everyone have gone to the Stardust Pavilion in the center?” Han Li started to mutter somewhat in his heart.

However, he did not intend to immediately head over to the Stardust Pavilion.

That was because that tool-refining store’s claim was too arrogant! If the talisman refining store failed, then they would return the material’s equivalent twofold in spirit stones! This piqued his curiosity. Thus, when Han Li finished circling around it, he couldn’t help but walk inside.

The storefront could not be considered to be large, consisting of only three rooms and an outer courtyard!

When Han Li entered the foremost hall, he saw a middle-aged figure dressed like a Confucian scholar in the midst of a discussion with a white-haired yet red-faced elder. A muscular man with dark skin stood to the side with a respectful expression.

The middle-aged man and the elder were currently fixated on their discussion; although they saw Han Li enter, they indifferently continued their conversation.It was the strong man who did his duty and walked forwards a few steps, then asked very politely:

“Does this guest want to buy magic tools or place an order to have one made?”

“Let me first take a look at the magic tools in your store before deciding whether or not I want to place an order!” Han Li replied evenly.

“Very well. Does this guest want to look at mid-grade or high-grade magic tools?” the muscular man asked happily, seeing that business had actually come to their door.

“Top-grade magic tools! In addition, I want the finest ones amongst all the top-grade magic tools!”

Han Li was not loud, but this sentence immediately shocked the muscular man into a daze! The two people who were talking up a frenzy immediately shut their mouths and stopped talking, instead blankly staring and sizing up Han Li!

“This guest wants to see top-grade magic tools, and even wants the finest ones?” After regaining his senses, the muscular man couldn’t help but confirm whether or not he had heard correctly!

Top-grade magic tools were not something that any ordinary person could buy, frequently costing hundreds of low-grade spirit stones. Average cultivators, even if they saved up spirit stones for their entire lives, might not even be able to buy one, while Han Li had asked to see the best top-grade items right off the bat. Naturally, this explained why the muscular man had lost his self-control for a moment!

“Little Black, come back! You cannot be disrespectful to this Senior!” That white-haired elder finally recognized Han Li’s identity as a Foundation Establishment cultivator. His expression couldn’t help but change, and he hurriedly commanded the muscular man to retreat.

“This little elder is the owner of this store; if Senior has any business, just say so!”

This elder and that Confucian scholar

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