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The white-clothed young woman, although she appeared to be very pure, actually wore a solemn expression at this time, and her entire body was shrouded by an odd silver sheen. This caused her to appear even more mysterious!

What surprised people the most was that the white-clothed males and females following her all appeared to be apprehensive. There weren’t even any low whispers, and their expressions as they gazed at the young woman’s back were that of reverence!

The crafty and unruly woman who had appeared in the desert along with her cultivating companion were in their midst. However, no trace of the arrogant expression on her face could be found; she did not dare to even breathe heavily, just like the other people around her. She appeared to be especially lovable and well behaved!

Suddenly, the youthful celestial woman at the lead stopped her steps, and the entire procession behind her naturally stopped as well.

A wide opening was not far in front of them, and a deep, green pool appeared; within the center of the pool were a few reef rocks protruding from the surface of the water. On these rocks grew roughly ten Lingzhi mushrooms, which shone like jade and were especially conspicuous.

“Is it here?”The youthful celestial woman crisply asked without even turning her head as she gazed at the pool with a great deal of interest. Her voice appeared to be particularly delicate.

“Yes! Martial Ancestor, the top level Jade Crocodile demonic beast is hiding within the pool. The past few times we came to harvest ingredients in the forbidden area, a disciple from our sect was buried within the belly of this beast. However, another person was able to escape and survive!” An older woman flashed out of the flock of Masked Moon Sect female disciples and responded while bowing very respectfully to the youthful celestial woman.

“Martial Ancestor?” If any of the disciples from the other six sects heard this, perhaps they would be so shocked their jaws would dislocate!

According to the rules of the cultivating world that determined seniority by strength, this young, fairy-like woman could only be addressed in this way if she were one of the Masked Moon Sect’s Core Formation cultivators! And weren’t Foundation Establishment cultivators and above not allowed to enter the forbidden area this time! What was going on? Looking at the appearances of the other Masked Moon Sect’s disciples, who were not amazed by this at all, it seemed like they had known this secret much earlier!

“Okay! Got it, you can withdraw!”

At this time, the youthful celestial woman pompously gave this instruction; her face revealed a capable expression that did not match with her age.

Then, she spoke again to the people behind her, “Prepare yourselves! In a moment, I will lure the Jade Crocodile out of the water surface, and you will use the “Yin Yang Pulling Magic” combined assault secret technique that you have recently learned, attacking together in

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