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In a short amount of time, a blue-clothed youth wearing an expression of cold indifference, an elderly Daoist Priest with an entire head of white hair, and an azure-clothed gorgeous young woman walked out in succession. They all reached a tacit understanding and chose different locations to enter the mountainous forest.

Han Li continued to wait for about another quarter of an hour. Seeing that no other people appeared, he performed a last-minute check on the items he had and copying the people before him, chose a direction that nobody had yet walked into and silently dived in.

What Han Li didn’t know was that, not long after he entered, the ugly man Zhong Yue that he had seen just yesterday appeared in front of the tunnel. He gazed at the dark road to go up the mountain and coldly laughed a few times; he released ten or so yellow dots that flew into the mountainous forest, then calmly followed after them.

At this time within the forbidden area, near the broken restrictive entrance, the people that the Seven Great Sects had left behind as guards looked worriedly in the direction of the forbidden area. Han Li’s Martial Ancestor Li was one of those people.

However, it could not be known whether he was worried about the success of his own disciples or if he was more worried about losing his bet!

The mood of the other Core Formation Daoist Priest from the Clear Void Sect was not much better! Speaking of which, ever since that Senior Eccentric Qiong from the Masked Moon Sect had forced his way into the bet, he no longer had any self-confidence in the bet that they had made beforehand. In an instant, it became apparent he was somewhat worried about his own gains and losses.

This was not surprising; the blood of a flood dragon’s inner core had been incredibly difficult to obtain. He had basically spent all of his family fortune to obtain it. If he lost it so easily to someone else, even if his attained mental state had been higher, perhaps he would be unable to sleep for a number of years in a row because of heartache!

The Daoist Priest stealthily sized up the only person in this group who had a composed expression: the young female leader CelestialNi Chang from the Masked Moon Sect.

The sole female in the midst of these seven great Core Formation experts had not revealed any trace of worry ever since the disciples from the Seven Great Sects had entered the forbidden area.

The more the Daoist Priest watched the woman’s smiling appearance, the stronger his anxiety became. When he connected this to strange Senior Qiong’s expression of having a card up his sleeve when making the bet, he felt the blood of the flood dragon’s inner core seemingly fly away from his own pocket and had already become the possession of another!

As he thought this, the concerned expression on his face became even more strong! People who didn’t know this would have truly mistakenly believe that he was deeply worried for the disciples from hi

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