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“Great Development Technique”. This was what Han Li had repeatedly heard of from Senior Martial Brother Lin, the cultivation technique that the primordial soul tried to entice him with. He was actually able to rummage through his body as he wished and easily found it. This caused Han Li to feel ecstatic beyond belief!

This “Great Development Technique” had actually been carried on Senior Martial Lin’s body! This truly went against his expectations.

Han Li truly didn’t know whether this Senior Martial Brother Lin had been extremely stupid or extremely clever!

He quickly skimmed through the jade slip with the Great Development Technique once through and found that it was as Senior Martial Lin had said. There truly were only incantations up to the fourth layer.

However, what appeared next caused Han Li to feel even more shocked.

After he finished completely looking through the Great Development Technique, a scripture called the “True Puppet Insights” appeared immediately afterward, completely instructing him on how to refine puppet beasts and soldiers of all grades. It was a very detailed and extraordinary puppet creation collection!

After Han Li looked through it for a moment, he immediately withdrew his excited consciousness and wore an extremely happy expression. But after he looked at the jade slip in his hand, he soon though of something, and his expression suddenly became strange.

The Great Development Technique and the True Puppet Insights were a pair. If he simultaneously cultivated them, they would be flawless together.

So long as he cultivated the both of them to a certain layer, he would surely be like Huang Long, a single person who relied on a great amount of puppets to remain unwavering against several cultivators of the same strength level and didn’t give them the slightest opportunity to resist!

This kind of power that suppressed other Foundation Establishment cultivators caused Han Li’s heart to thump!

However, he was very clear that there was a certain flaw. It was very possible that it would interfere with his own cultivation and cause his originally indistinct chances of Core Formation to be completely null. This was a matter where the gains did not make up for the losses.

As for the odds that the Great Development Technique could promote Core Formation, Han Li simply did not trust that kind of baseless nonsense.

Han Li lowered his head and pondered for a moment. This was a very hard choice! He shook his head and first put away the jade slip into his storage bag before deciding to deal with it in the future.

After all, deciding whether to cultivate the Great Development Technique along with the puppet creation technique that had dropped from the sky was a bit too sudden. This was a matter to be thought over after his heart calmed down!

Regardless, this harvest had caused Han Li to be excited! He suddenly thought that although the storage pouches of Huang Long and his fello

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