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“Hee hee! Good, good! I will prepare everything for Junior Martial Brother right now!” The ugly man, seeing that Han Li had actually given him a mid-grade spirit stone, immediately beamed with joy.

One had to know that although the generally accepted exchange rate in the world of cultivators was one hundred low-grade spirit stones for one mid-grade spirit stone, in reality those willing to use a mid-grade spirit stone to exchange for one hundred low-grade spirit stones were very few in number.

This was because everyone knew that under the same circumstances, the speed of absorbing Spiritual Qi from a mid-grade spirit stone was much faster than when using low-grade spirit stones. Just based on this point, everybody wanted to keep a mid-grade spirit stone and naturally would not pay much attention to low-grade spirit stones.

Of course, the situation when exchanging high-grade spirit stones with mid-grade spirit stones was the same.

After the ugly man had happily received this fire-attribute spirit stone, he treated Han Li even more obsequiously. He immediately led Han Li before a huge, five-colored stone door and pulled out a purple command medallion from his waist, pointed it at the stone door, and shook it.

Red light flashed across the purple command medallion and a wisp of rosy light shot from it, precisely hitting the door; this caused the five-colored flowing light to rapidly gyrate. Finally, with a few ear-splitting “creaks”, the stone door slowly rose, revealing a black tunnel behind it. This tunnel was a few tens of feet high and was square in shape.

“Junior Martial Brother, the room with Earth Fire is just past this walled stone path. Let’s head over there now!” said the ugly man to Han Li ingratiatingly as he squeezed out a few traces of a smile.

“En!” Han Li nodded his head without saying anything, then took the lead to walk into the tunnel.

“Although this dock stone cannot be considered a rare item, it is still not a very common material in this world. To be able to find so much at one time and then use it as bricks to construct the tunnel and the room, it was only after a few Martial Ancestors with great ability from previous generations had spent a great deal of effort that it was constructed. Due to dock stone’s ability to resist high temperatures and the strange effects of refining using Earth Fire, no big accidents have occurred yet ever since this Earth Fire began to burn!” said the ugly man, showing off a little as he led the way.

Han Li’s interest was greatly aroused when he heard this; he couldn’t help but touch the black stone wall off to the side and found that it was smooth and ice-cold!

“This dock stone, where is it produced? It can actually resist Earth Fire, which is thirty percent more powerful than true fire. It truly is something special,” Han Li expressed his approval, a rarity, and casually asked.

“This? I heard that although it isn’t too rare of an item, our State of Yue

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