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“Do you know a bit about the details of this person’s cultivation? If he isn’t an important disciple or the Yan Clan and his cultivation isn’t high, I can go have a chat with him and should be able to smoothly resolve this,” Han Li calmly said as he rubbed his nose.

In fact, he clearly understood that being able to force a mortal girl required a high enough cultivation. Thus, he could only be a bit careful about this.

“I had Caihuan investigate this matter before. Apparently his fundamental cultivation had reached the fifth layer. Although his surname is Yan, he is certain to be an unimportant character of the Yan Clan. Otherwise, if he were an important disciple, why would he live among us mortals!”

Lady Yan was worthy of being the former head of the Mo Estate. Even though she had reached such dire straights, she managed to neatly arrange this matter and thoroughly understood it.

“This is of no question! In a moment, Junior Martial Sister will just have to show me the way, then I’ll go and settle this problem!” When Han Li heard this, he nodded his head and replied.

“Many thanks, Senior Martial Brother! I knew that Senior Martial Brother was certain to help!” When Mo Caihuan clearly heard this, she sweetly called out with extreme happiness.

“Han Li, we’ve truly troubled you! If we hadn’t, how else could this mother and daughter possibly challenge a cultivator?” Gratitude flashed through Lady Yan’s eyes but then she sighed and helplessly added, “Although this place appears to restrict cultivators from harassing us mortals, there are far too many counts of cultivators humiliating mortals, but how could the Yan Clan possibly punish all those cultivators! Moreover, if a mortal is not careful and actually start a feud with a cultivator, he would evaporate without a trace. This is a rather common occurrence.”

Han Li had heard the unwillingness to be powerless in her words. After all, compared to the grandeur of the ultimate power grasped by the Mo Estate, their current life of swallowing their anger was, as Lady Yan had described, truly humiliating.

After Han Li heard this, he was silent for a moment, Then he asked a few questions of his misgivings.

“Master’s Wife, Junior Martial Sister should have long reached a suitable age for marriage. Why hasn’t she found a suitable partner within the castle yet? If she married a cultivator, wouldn’t you have someone to rely on?”


“I won’t marry those Yan Clan cultivators!”

Just as Han Li had finished speaking, Lady Yan bitterly smiled as Mo Caihuan loudly rejected this with an entirely unhappy expression.

“Why?” Han Li was somewhat astonished.

“Senior Martial Brother! The cultivators of the Yan Clan fundamentally do not treat us mortal girls justly! If a mortal were to marry to them, she would basically be treated as a mortal slave, nothing more. It would be undesirable for any girl to be in this position since she would be beaten and scolded ofte

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