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As it stood, this was the second cultivator whom Han Li had eliminated after his primordial spirit abandoned his body.

Within battles, most cultivators wouldn’t separate their primordial spirit from their body as it required a certain amount of time to perform; during this period of time, one could not move about freely.

During a battle between cultivators, who would give their enemy enough time to escape!? Long before one would have the time to separate their primordial spirit from their body, they would have already died more than ten times. Furthermore, only those in the Nascent Soul stage or later would be able to separate their primordial spirit from their body in an instant with the help of their Nascent Soul.

This Senior Martial Brother Lin was just as unfortunate as that Yu Zhitong!

(Note: Yu Zhitong was the primordial spirit inside Doctor Mo.)

He originally thought to pass through the location of Han Li’s Immortal’s cave and head straight to Yellow Maple Valley for treatment and protection. However, he accidentally burst into Han Li’s great formation and was completely trapped in the shifting illusions of the formation, unable to escape in the slightest. He helplessly looked on as the poison spread through his body and could only detach his primordial spirit from its corporeal vessel.

This also caused Senior Martial Brother Lin to hold resentment towards the great formation’s master. Because he required a flesh body to be revived and assumed Han Li to be his killer, he thought to seize Han Li’s body regardless of the consequences.

However, he didn’t think in the least that Han Li would be so swift that he could stop Senior Martial Brother Lin’s primordial spirit even after being caught off guard and exterminate him.

Now that this person was already dead, Han Li naturally didn’t think about the dead man’s words in the slightest. He now had to deal with the great problem that was lying outside of his Immortal’s cave.

Although the attacks of the Thousand Bamboo School were frightening, Han Li didn’t see a single trace of damage on his great formation, putting him at great ease.

Furthermore, he was confident that these people wouldn’t dare to stay here too long!

Although this place was remote and could be considered the outskirts of the Tai Yue Mountain Range, it was still an area within Yellow Maple Valley’s influence. After performing such loud movements, Han Li did not believe that they weren’t afraid of the consequences! He reckoned that even though their current attacks weren’t effective against the great formation, they had already reached the stage where it was hard to stop halfway!

(TL: Hard to stop halfway, originally 骑虎难下 “after riding a tiger, it is hard to get off”)

Actually, Han Li wasn’t against the idea of handing over Senior Martial Brother Lin’s corpse to send them on their way.

However, the trace of one’s primordial spirit leaving their body was far too obvious. When

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