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Han Li began to bitterly laugh. Although he had gotten rid of the fellow from the Giant Sword Sect, he still had to deal with the largest problem at hand!

The green-clothed young woman’s slim and frail body, her deathly pale and thin face, and the panic in her eyes were all completely and distinctly reflected in his eyes the moment that Han Li slightly shifted his eyes and swept the scene. It seemed as if the shock she had received was truly not small.

He did not respond to the young woman’s inquiry, instead bending over and picking up the storage pouch on the big man’s corpse. Then, he flicked the tip of his finger, and a small fireball hit the corpse, turning it into ash in a brief moment. Afterwards, he used the Azure Stasis Mirror to withdraw the azure light binding the silver sword and the gold blades together, then released the huge sword and the golden blades, storing them in his storage pouch.

It was only at this time that Han Li turned around and walked towards the young woman expressionlessly.

When the young woman saw that Han Li truly was getting closer to her, her already deathly pale face became even more pale without a trace of blood. She could not help but fearfully shrink back a few steps.

“What do you want to do? If you come over, I won’t be polite anymore!” The green-clothed young woman finally mustered up her courage and reached her hand into her storage pouch, pulling out a small black sword and pointing it at the Han Li in front of her. However, Han Li had determined in a glance that this sword was only a trash mid-grade magic tool. It seemed like that yellow silk handkerchief was that woman’s only top-grade magic tool!

“Is this how this young lady treats the great kindness of being saved?” Han Li suddenly rubbed his nose and asked as he smiled.

“The great kindness of being saved?” The young woman stared blankly for a moment, somewhat confused by Han Li’s drastic change in appearance from before to now. It seemed as if she had not yet recovered from it.

“This young lady is really an eminent person with a short memory! If I hadn’t made a move back then and saved this young woman from that person’s sword, why would I want to make any kind of shady business like silencing you!” Han Li said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Oh…… I’m really sorry, I…… I was scared and I forgot!” The young woman was suddenly enlightened and remembered this matter, so she hurriedly explained as her face flushed, stuttering in a bewildered manner. If one saw it, one would feel pity.

“It’s not much! However, it is somewhat inconceivable that we would actually meet here after having the pleasure of having met once at the Great South Valley!” Han Li waved his hand and said cordially. He didn’t know why, but whenever he saw this woman’s bashful appearance, Han Li felt incredibly intimate, as if he were with his own younger sister from his family.

“My name is Han Li. What is this young lady called?” Han L

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