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“Satisfied... what does he meaning, satisfied?”

When Han Li heard this, he did not know why he felt uneasy. All he knew was that when he heard Li Huayuan incessantly praise him again, he had an even worse premonition!

Furthermore, he already discovered that ever since he entered the room, that young woman had shot several stealthy glances at him with an expression of complete discontent. In addition, when this Martial Senior Hong Fu said that he was very good, his figure slightly shook and he hastily lowered his head.

Meanwhile, a gaze filled with hostility swept toward Han Li, frightening him for a moment. He couldn’t help but return the gaze. It was actually Seventh Senior Martial Brother Wu Xuan who had previously introduced him.

When Wu Xuan saw Han Li respond to his gaze, his face contorted with surprise. He immediately shifted his gaze with a guilty appearance.

When Han Li saw this, he was filled with suspicion! However, his expression maintained his usual patient and calm expression. Seeing him instinctively maintain his calm, the red-clothed woman inwardly continued to nod her head!

“It will be this child. I feel like he is very suitable. I will first return with Xuan Er and will calmly wait for good news from Martial Disciple!” the red-clothed woman suddenly said as she nodded her head.

“Senior Martial Sister, be at ease. I will surely make the proper arrangements.”

Li Huayuan saw that the woman wanted to leave, so he hastily consented and saw them both out. As Han Li regained his senses, Martial Senior Hong Fu had already left with that young woman.

When Li Huayuan and his wife brought Han Li and the others to the main hall, they were beaming with happiness, both smiling without saying a word.

The two returned to their seats and sized up Han Li without end. It was unknown what intention they had.

“Han Li, as your Master, I must first congratulate you!” Li Huayuan happily looked at Han Li for a moment before suddenly saying such senseless words. This caused Han Li’s heart to beat harder and be even more uneasy.

“Disciple truly doesn’t know what to be happy about. Master, please enlighten me!” Han Li respectfully said with a dark foreboding dwelling in his heart.

“Xixi! This is an extraordinary matter. When your Martial Senior Hong Fu saw you, she was interested in having you and that disciple of hers to form a bond as dual cultivation companions!” The young woman did not wait for Li Huayuan to reply and was the first to unravel the riddle, causing Han Li to become dumbstruck.

“Become dual cultivation companions?” Han Li muttered and became despondent. This was far too surprising!

“What is this? This is a fine thing that others dream of having but can’t obtain! You should know that female cultivation disciples are originally few in number. Those capable of cultivating to Foundation Establishment are pathetically fewer. Also, dual cultivation a mutually beneficial method to enor

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