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The curses of the few cultivators who were furious after their companion left them without saying anything had already disappeared. They gazed at each other, seeing a trace of dread in each others’ eyes.

Just then, although they had been in an extremely disadvantageous position, they actually did not feel any worry in their hearts apart from a slight feeling of vexation. They all reckoned that even if they couldn’t kill off all these mechanical puppets, escaping through the air was still something that could be easily accomplished!

But now, the escapee’s fate immediately shocked them out of their wishful dreams! He had so many protective spells on his body, and he was even wielding a defensive magic tool, but even so, he was actually unable to withstand that column of light in the slightest. How could this not frighten them?!

In addition, the higher one’s cultivation base, the more one feared death! They had, with great difficulty, achieved a point where they could live slightly longer than regular people. There was also the possibility that they could live even longer, so how could they be willing to die so easily!

However, that frighteningly thick column of light was simply too powerful!

If it hadn’t been directed at the fleeing cultivator but rather at their protective barrier...these people really didn’t know if they could have received it.

The more these cultivators thought about it, the more they panicked! They couldn’t help but begin to think about retreating.

But now, even if they wanted to retreat, the opponent would not easily let them go now that he had the advantage! This caused them to be caught in a dilemma.

Hiding in the clouds high above their heads, Han Li was also shocked by that domineering column of light to the point that his body emanated cold air! Now he was even more unwilling to rashly reveal himself.

However, he was also not very willing to just leave this place in this manner.

Thus, he could rely on the outstanding speed of the Divine Wind Boat to escape even after being discovered. Han Li continued to stay in midair, observing what transpired!

However, the azure-red cloud of smoke that Han Li’s magic tool had transformed into was truly somewhat eye-catching if he left it floating in midair above the cultivators and puppets! Luckily, while Han Li had been in mid-flight, he had greatly increased the altitude of the small boat to a distance of about thousand feet.

Thus, Han Li had yet to be discovered by the surrounded cultivators or the figure in the forest controlling the puppets.

However, Han Li also knew that this method could not be carried on indefinitely, but if he were to retrieve the cloud of smoke, he would definitely be exposed in midair.

Besides, the top-grade magic tool “Azurefire Miasma” that had been refined from a pair of flood dragon eyes could conceal Han Li’s figure, causing enemies to be unable to determine his exact location. In addition, the r

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