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Han Li suddenly thought of the other young woman that he had encountered inside the forbidden area and couldn’t help but glance in the direction of Spirit Beast Mountain. In the end, he discovered that Han Yunzhi was cutely sitting cross-legged on the ground, her expression very even. There did not seem to be anything unexpected, causing Han Li to let out a sigh of relief.

Near the closed tunnel entrance, those from the Masked Moon Sect appeared increasingly unsightly from worry.

As for the people from the other sects, although they outwardly appeared to be anxious for the Masked Moon Sect disciples, flower of happiness had contrarily bloomed in their hearts. After all, the Masked Moon Sect was State of Yue’s strongest sect and had long attracted the jealousy of others. These few were naturally happy to see an opportunity to weaken its power.

Perhaps because their wishes had gone awry, the opposite of their desires occurred; when the passageway was only a quarter hour away from closing, a white shadow flashed within the passageway, and a group of ten or so Masked Moon Sect disciples walked out in an orderly fashion. Their leader was the extremely alluring beauty Nangong.

Seeing them walk out, the Senior Eccentric Qiong’s reaction was acceptable, only letting out a long sigh. That Celestial Ni Chang couldn’t help but pounce at her, tugging on the arm of the beautiful Celestial Nangong. She began to ask her questions with extreme concern, her face revealing an expression of anxiety.

The other sects felt puzzled upon seeing this.

This was no surprise. Although Nangong Wanhad met with these Core Formation cultivators several times, she had worn a veil andnever revealed her true appearance. Thus, these people did not actually know that the beautiful, flowery young woman beforethem was actually the “Celestial Nangong” that they had metwith numerous times.

Seeing this woman had safely returned, Han Li was also very pleased. After all, she was the first person he had joined bodies with. Even if he clearly knew that there was no way to continue their relationship, in his heart he still couldn’t help but worry about her.

However, the smiles on Martial Ancestor Li and the Daoist Priest’s face had become somewhat forced. This was not unexpected; ignoring how many spiritual medicines the Masked Moon Sect had harvested, even the number of people that had walked out of forbidden area alive had surpassed the combined numbers of the people from their two sects. How could this not cause the two of them to be extremely depressed!

“All of the disciples should have emerged by now. The ones who didn’t appear...” muttered the leader of the Spirit Beast Mountain, clearing his throat.

But before he had finished his sentence, a person came scrambling out of the tunnel that was just about to close. It was actually that old, crafty Xiang Zhili from Yellow Maple Valley; only, the Giant Sword Sect and the young Daoist Priest originall

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