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Spirit well objects were quite miraculous. They would naturally be pursued by all cultivators who pursued the Heavenly Dao to even the point of madness! Whenever a spirit well object appeared in the cultivation world, it would cause a storm of blood at that location.

In the present cultivation world of the State of Yue, the Seven Great Sects had already acquired a few spirit well objects, but if a small clan or sect were to acquire these treasures, they’d only be inviting a calamity upon themselves.

Yellow Maple Valley had a spirit well stone, three spirit springs, and several other spirit well objects, all of which were bluntly distributed among the Core Formation experts and higher. Even the great Sect Master Zhong was unable to possess one.

Naturally, the great Nascent Soul Martial Ancestor possessed a great number of them.

Han Li absolutely didn’t expect with just a common Twin Pupil Mouse, he would have been able to find a nearby spirit well object so easily within the span of a day!

Although this spirit spring was the lowest among spirit well objects, the spring’s mouth was pathetically small, and its efficacy was probably limited, a spirit well object was still a spirit well object. At the very least, he would cultivate faster than those at common spirit well locations. So long as it sped up his cultivation even the slightest, it was still good.

However, even though he was surprised and extremely happy, Han Li still felt a bit puzzled.

Weren’t spirit well objects only able to take shape within areas with the densest Spiritual Qi? The Spiritual Qi at this mountain peak wasn’t particularly thick, so how was it able to form?

Even so, since the Heaven had dropped him such a great meat pie, Han Li would not let it go.

Although a spirit well spring was able to be moved, only a Core Formation expert would have the means to do so. Anybody on a lower stage of cultivation would not yet have the abilityto do so, let alone Han Li. Since he couldn’t move it, he decided to establish his Immortal’s cave at this location. Thus he planned to make the spirit spring cave intohis own secret training room and keep it well concealed.

Han Li immediately chopped open a passage and carried out an expansion.

With one hand waving the silver sword and the other controlling several gold blades, Han Li undertook the great task of establishing his Immortal’s cave. Meanwhile, the Twin Pupil Mouse had plunged itself into the spirit spring and was unwilling to come out. The sounds of its snores could be heard afterwards.

Relying on the silver sword’s sharpness and the quantity of golden blades, Han Li labored for half a day, creating a somewhat large premature layout for his Immortal’s cave. He carved out thirteen rooms of various sizes and three halls a sixth of an acre large.

Although the cave walls of his rooms were still very coarse, not having undergone any meticulous work, at the very least it could be considered

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