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“Is Master Li somewhat confused as to why this Daoist Priest let that person leave?” The middle-aged Daoist Priest was silent for a moment, then suddenly opened his mouth and spoke.

“Hehe! I am a little bit. This little boy’s magic tools were pretty good; even I was somewhat tempted when I saw them!” The elder actually spoke very frankly, not attempting to conceal his thoughts.

“Then Master should get rid of this idea as quickly as possible; this person cannot be killed!” the Daoist Priest said with a certain amount of caution and knitted his eyebrows.

When the azure-robed elder heard this, an expression of doubt briefly flitted across his face, but he did not yet open his mouth to ask anything. He knew that since the conversation had already progressed to this point, based on the other person’s personality, a clear explanation would definitely be provided soon after.

As expected, the Daoist Priest stiffly continued, “This person has strong connections to Heavenly Imperial Fortress’s Ma Yunlong; its best to avoid rashly provoking him!”

When the elder heard this, he was moved and couldn’t help but say with surprise, “Do you mean that Ma Yunlong from the Heavenly Imperial Fortress who a century ago was the person who had the most hope of entering the Core Formation stage?”

The Daoist Priest bitterly laughed and sighed,“If it wasn’t that person, who else would it be? I have seen this person a few times. The Dustfall Pearl in that youth’s hand was that person’s famous magic tool; there’s no way I could be wrong! Thus, this youth must be strongly related to Ma Yunlong. It’s best if we don’t touch this youth!”

“Yes, thanks for this Daoist friend’s reminder! Otherwise, I would really have made a big mistake! Sigh, we had better harvest these spiritual medicines as early as possible. We don’t want any other unexpected guests!” The elder immediately suggested, finally having recovered to his normal state from his earlier shock.

The Daoist priest naturally cheerfully agreed; then, the two people cut off a “Purple Monkey Flower”, one from each side, and then immediately parted ways.

Similar scenes were playing out in the few other locations; however, their conflicts far less peaceful, instead creating incredibly intense sparks as they clashed.

To the side of a certain stone room on a mountain ridge on the ring-shaped mountain, four people from two different sects were battling while controlling many kinds of magic tools.

Among these were a male and female, both wearing yellow attire; they were Yellow Maple Valley’s disciples.

The male of about forty years had a scholarly appearance. He held a silver, shining, huge pen and a golden, brilliant book in the middle of his hand. With a wave of his hand, the silver marks and the sky full of golden light attacked the two opponents until their sweat stuck to their back and their faces had turned green.

Although the pretty, young woman also controlled a blue and y

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