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Seeing that Han Li was quite discreet, Li Huayuan revealed an expression of satisfaction. Then, he reached his hand out in midair and gently grabbed at something; instantly, a red streak of cloud flew out from his hand, wrapped around a jade slip, and brought it back to his hand.

Li Huayuan didn’t even glance at it and directly handed it to Han Li; then, he used the same method to grab seven or eight items in a row before halting. At this time, Han Li was already holding a huge pile of items, too many for his eyes to take in.

“These cultivation techniques can all progress one’s magic power quickly, and they are also easy to cultivate; pick one to use as your main cultivation technique. You have to put the other ones back in their original position. When you have finished picking one out, come tell me!” Li Huayuan said to Han Li indifferently. Then, he sat down cross-legged on a prayer mat in the stone room.

Han Li felt that his eyes were seeing stars; although there weren’t many cultivation techniques, they all had their own unique attributes.

For example, one of them, the “Essence Gathering Technique”, apart from having a decent speed in increasing one’s magic power, also had the “Essence Gathering Spirit Armor”, an incredibly practical minor divine ability. When facing an enemy, in addition to the protection of a defensive magic technique, one could condense one’s magic power into spirit armor as an additional layer of protection. It could serve as a life-saving technique, and the spirit armor’s defense could also slowly increase as one progressed in the Essence Gathering Technique.

Another jade slip recorded the just-as-impressive “Mirage Spirit Art”, which also included the “Mirage Shadow” ability. One could produce an avatar exactly like oneself at any time to confuse enemies. The higher one’s cultivating layer was, the more avatars one could produce, which would confuse enemies even more.

Apart from these two kinds of cultivation techniques, the other cultivation techniques included small abilities that were extremely suited for escaping despite not being too powerful. It seemed as if the creators of these cultivation techniques were also very clear that these cultivation techniques would not allow individuals to fight fiercely against others; instead, it was more important to flee with one’s small life.

However, after Han Li had browsed through all of them once, a golden page inside a jade box jolted Han Li awake.

That was because this page’s script and size were too familiar. Han Li confirmed that it was identical to the silver page that he himself possessed! The only difference was that this page seemed to be thinner, and its surface did not have those strange patterns; instead, it was covered with densely packed ancient writings. But when he took a closer look, the technique that was recorded was a common magic technique, the “Essence Concentration Technique”. Its ability was also an extremely average s

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