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After Han Li awoke, he did not immediately leave the tree hollow. Instead, he sat down cross-legged in the tree.

The spiritual power surged within his body, and his magic power had returned to its peak.

The feeling of soreness had already disappeared without a trace, and his strength was vigorous.

Han Li had finished inspecting himself, and he slowly opened his eyes. His heart was incredibly satisfied!

This was when he stood up and inspected the talismans and magic tools in his storage pouch, finishing up his last-minute preparations.

Han Li preciously did not have the time to carefully look through the few storage pouches he previously took from the fully bearded man and his associate. Now, he would naturally search through them once to see if there were any usable magic tools.

Truthfully, regardless of whether it was the storage pouches of the fully bearded man and his partner or the storage pouches that they had taken from others, the magic tools in the pouches were numerous, but their quality was incredibly low. After seeing this, Han Li was at a loss for words!

Combined, the five storage pouches contained twenty three magic tools – five low-grade ones, seven mid-grade ones, and eleven-high grade ones.

One of the storage pouches actually only contained two low-grade magic tools and two mid-grade ones; there were no high-grade magic tools at all. This discovery caused Han Li to be stunned for a long time, causing him to sigh with sorrow.

The net worth of normal disciples and elite disciples were really as different as the heavens and the earth!

This pile of storage pouches did not contain a single top-grade magic tool. No wonder when Han Li had bound the fully bearded man with his “Earth Prison Technique”, he seemed to have no method to escape. He could only watch as he was crushed to death by the “Golden Light Brick”.

When Han Li thought about the number of top-grade magic tools that the woman with many treasures and Feng Yue had, he felt incredibly helpless towards the poverty of regular disciples!

No wonder when other people saw his weak cultivation base, they would subconsciously think that his strength was feeble and could be easily bullied. No one would consider the question of what strong magic tools he might have.

Now, Han Li could finally understand why so many disciples had been so excited when they had found out that the Yellow Maple Valley’s meeting hall was handing out high-grade magic tools! It seemed like the Yellow Maple Valley that he was part of treated these average disciples pretty well! They were actually willing to use several scores of high-grade magic tools to encourage their morale!

In reality, Han Li had guessed incorrectly concerning this matter! Even if the various sects sent out their elite disciples to the forbidden area, they very rarely owned any top-grade magic tools.

People like the woman with many treasures, who had top-grade magic weapons from hea

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