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Perhaps they had been too impatient, but to the sky west of the mountain peak, two black dots eventually appeared. Two huge two-headed demonic birds gradually flew closer. They were the Two-Headed Ducks he had previously seen at the Great South Gathering. Saddled upon the demonic beasts were a man and a woman.

When she saw that strangers had appeared, the originally lazy Dong Xuan’er immediately roused her spirit and stood straight. She curiously stared at the large two-headed birds as they approached.

“We are truly sorry for having you two wait so long. This one is Yan Yu. The other is Yan Ling, my younger sister. We have come to bring you to Yan Ling Castle.” When the two ducks flew onto the mountain peak, the man and woman immediately jumped off. The young man firmly stood and said this with an apologetic tone.

“It is no matter, we also didn’t wait very long!” Before Han Li could even open his mouth Dong Xuan’er daintily said this with bright eyes after having seen this heroic-looking man, Yan Yu. Her voice was extremely smooth, causing Han Li to raise his eyebrow upon hearing her.

Hearing Dong Xuan’er’s new voice, it was as if the wicked and unruly woman he spent the past few days with had transformed into a girl from a noble house!

Yan Yu naturally did not know of this. When he saw Dong Xuan’er, a young woman as pretty as a flower, and heard her soft words aimed at him, his heart immediately shook, and a peculiar feeling rose. He straightened his back and brightly said, “Actually, there were Yan Clan disciples waiting here for guests. However, the disciples that were waiting here had to take care of some mishap. As such, there was no one here and you two were neglected! On behalf of the Yan Clan, I, Yan Yu, apologize to the two of you and hope you do not take offense.”

When Dong Xuan’er heard this, she wore a smooth smile, and attraction flashed through her eyes. Just as she thought to say something else, Han Li’s dull voice suddenly reached her ear, “With Junior Martial Sister’s appearance, aren’t you afraid of the repercussions from Martial Senior Hong Fu?”

When she heard this, Dong Xuan’er’s expression greatly changed. Her mouth opened, but no words came out. This bizarre scene caused the Yan siblings to be a bit puzzled!

Yan Ling was a young woman that was fifteen or sixteen years old. She seemed to be a lively and charming person. She continuously switched her gaze between Han Li and Dong Xuan’er with her bright black eyes, giving people the impression that she was extremely clever.

“It was as Junior Martial Sister Dong had said. It was nothing; you were only a bit late. This one is certain that the Yan Clan wouldn’t deliberately treat guests coldly! However, I am a bit baffled. What sort of mishap did the disciples who were originally here to receive guests encounter? Could it be that they clashed against guests?” Stopping Dong Xuan’er careless use of the Spring Transformation Art’s seduction, Han

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