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Seeing Mo Caihuan’s appearance, Han Li knew that now was not the time to ask for the whole story, so he no longer pursued it. Just like that, Mo Caihuan brought him to a small store on a side road, then stopped.

“This place?” Han Li was slightly amazed, and he glanced at Mo Caihuan inquisitively.

“Yes, this is the place! My mother and I do some small business here; we only wanted to earn some spirit stones to buy some medicinal pills to suppress her illness,” Mo Caihuan said somewhat embarrassed as her face reddened. Then, she took the lead and walked in.

Seeing this, Han Li smiled. He didn’t say anything and simply followed her inside.

“Mother, look who I’ve brought here!”

Han Li had just stepped into the store when he heard Mo Caihuan speak as if she were presenting a treasure! Next, another female voice that Han Li was familiar with also spoke, but it was somewhat older.

“Who else could come? Ever since your eldest uncle Zhu died, only the neighbor, Aunt Xiang Lian, has come to see us!”

There was no doubting that this voice was Lady Yan’s voice, although it was much more hoarse than before!

“No, Senior Martial Brother has come. I ran into Senior Martial Brother in the castle!” Mo Caihuan excitedly shouted.

“Senior Martial Brother? Didn’t your few Senior Martial Brothers die a long time ago! You silly child, your mind is probably becoming muddled,” Lady Yan brought up, clearly somewhat worried.

At this time, Han Li was already clear on the circumstances in the store.

A sixty- or seventy-foot small room, numerous wooden counters with neatly placed low-grade talismans placed on them, and a few unprofitable materials. There was also a wooden door leading to the inner rooms, and behind the wooden counter was a woman lying on a bamboo armchair, gazing at Mo Caihuan in front of her with a worry-stricken face.

This was none other than Lady Yan, whom he had not seen for nearly ten years!

However, her appearance had aged significantly, and from her face it was clear that she was ill; one could only see a shadow of the formerly beautiful woman between her eyebrows.

Han Li’s entrance naturally attracted the attention of Lady Yan. When she saw clearly that it was Han Li, she first was shocked and couldn’t help but want to stand up, but this clearly was not something that she, with her severe sickness, could do; she only straightened half of her body before she once again fell back down. The nearby Mo Caihuan hurriedly reached out and held her up.

“You are Han Li?” Lady Yan strenuously panted a few times; like Mo Caihuan, her shock was not small, but in addition to her shock, a trace of expectation and happiness appeared on her face.

Han Li naturally knew what the other person was thinking in her heart, but after hesitating for a moment, he still took a few steps over and greeted her respectfully:

“Fourth Martial Mother, greetings!”

“You...... you are still willing to recognize me as

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