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When Han Li heard the other person’s words, he didn’t actually open his mouth to say anything. Instead, he lowered his head and began to think while he tightly grasped the other person’s primordial spirit with a single hand that glowed with white light!

After a long while, Han Li lifted his head up and said coldly:

“If your primordial spirit’s invasion had taken me by surprise, would you have had mercy on me? Your magic power is much deeper than mine even though we're are both at Foundation Establishment. More likely than not, I would have been consumed by you.”

Han Li’s words were overflowing with ill intent!

“I can tell you a secret and give you an exceptional cultivation technique!” Senior Martial Brother Li was greatly frightened and began to send transmissions through his primordial spirit.

“Secret cultivation technique? Could this be the Great Development Technique of your Thousand Bamboo School?”

Han Li’s indifferent sentence immediately caused the primordial spirit’s green light to flash; in addition, it began to transmit with shock, stuttering:

“How do you know of this matter? You...... you’re the person who was snoopingyesterday!”

At this time, Senior Martial Brother Lin finally realized what had happened.

“Okay, since you know that I am not clueless about your situation, you should obediently tell me everything! You wouldn’t want me to immediately destroy your primordial spirit!” Although Han Li spoke very casually, this caused Senior Martial Brother Lin’s primordial spirit to tremble in his hand.

“Didn’t Junior Martial Brother pretty much hear all that there was to say yesterday?” Senior Martial Brother Lin let out a long sigh and asked faintly.

Meanwhile, those people from the Thousand Bamboo School outside the formation, seeing that no response came after they transmitted their words through the large formation, couldn’t help but be shamed into anger; they released their puppet beasts, unleashing a new round of attacks. The large formation became lively once again, but the interior of the formation was still just as calm as before apart from some noise and aftershocks!

“Junior Martial Brother, what strange formation is this? It can actually withstand this fierce attack; it truly is unbelievable!” Senior Martial Brother Lin interjected upon seeing this scene; he purposefully acted surprised and spoke.

“Hmph, don’t worry about my formation, and don’t recklessly change the subject either. I have absolutely no interest in the internal strife of your Thousand Bamboo School. All I want to know is whether you have a portion of the Great Development Technique and if you gain any remarkable abilities as you cultivate it. If you want to purposefully stall for time, I will immediately destroy you,” Han Li said, his tone suddenly becoming cold as he knitted his eyebrows.

Next, the white light on his hand abruptly flourished, and with a gentle force of his finger, he instantly caused Seni

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