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“There’s more?” The elder first stared blankly, but then he immediately became even happier; he laughed giddily for quite some time.

Although he didn’t know what sort of materials Han Li would pull out next, saving the best for last was a principle of common sense. His gaze towards Han Li was filled with even more expectation!

Although Han Li was somewhat doubtful of this store owner’s tool-refining methods, he would be unable to find another tool-refining master that he trusted more for some time; thus, he could only somewhat hesitatingly place the Inky Flood Dragon’s raw materials onto the table.

However, he had already decided in his heart that if this elder was unable to identify the origins of these materials, it would prove that the other person’s experience and methods would be problematic! If that time came, he would at most allow the elder to refine the hard shell in front of him.

As for the high-quality materials from the Inky Flood Dragon, he would have to wait to find a superior tool-refining master!

Since Han Li had made this plan, he naturally followed the elder’s expression and movements even more closely.

In the end, when he saw the pile of materials that Han Li had taken out, the elder spat out his mouthful of clear tea onto the ground in front of him with a “puchi”.

“This is a flood dragon’s hide…...even its horns, fangs…...these are its eyes! Heavens, could Senior have single-handedly killed an evil flood dragon?” The white-haired store owner was shocked out of his normal behavior; he gazed at the materials in front of him with disbelief, incessantly muttering to himself.

No wonder this elder was so shocked! Demonic beasts like the flood dragon had already disappeared from nearby cultivation worlds for a long time. Even if there were some in hiding, this kind of evil flood dragon, which had seemingly evolved into a grade two demonic beast, was comparable to a cultivator beyond the Foundation Establishment stage.

Apart from Core Formation cultivators, how could average Foundation Establishment cultivators possibly be its opponent!? Even if that many cultivators in Foundation Establishment took action together, the pile of flood dragon materials in front of him was too complete! It was practically as if Han Li had dismembered an entire flood dragon and directly carried it over.

Could he have taken ownership of the complete corpse for himself, leaving nothing for the other cultivators? Or did this person have some terrifying method that allowed him to take care of this flood dragon on his own?

The elder’s imagination began to run wild as he fumbled around with these materials.

It was only now that a reverent attitude appeared in his heart towards Han Li!

The fact that the store owner had been able to immediately recognize these materials was somewhat beyond Han Li’s expectations.

He originally believed that even if the other person was able to recognize these items, it woul

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