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With a “Bang!”, the two high-grade magic tools merely made two small open cracks in the antennas before being crisply being bounced aside, causing Han Li to be temporarily stunned.

“So hard! They could almost compare to the quality of a mid-grade magic tool!” Han Li secretly cried out that he was lucky; if it wasn’t for him using some small tactics, dealing with this huge centipede would really waste a lot of time.

Han Li, seeing that the flying dagger and the golden alms bowl weren’t very effective, easily retrieved them.

Although this bug had already received a mortal wound, its vitality was too vigorous, and it continued to incessantly roll around. It seemed like it would not die in a short amount of time. Thus, he knitted his eyebrows and displayed his movement technique; with a burst of speed, he flashed over the demonic beast’s head and showed no interest in whether the beast lived or died. Directly following the tunnel passageway, he returned to the stone room.

Within the stone room, the few “Purple Monkey Flower” seedlings were still waiting there safe and sound, causing Han Li’s heart to be filled with joy!

He took out a jade box about as large as a bundle of branches from his storage pouch and placed it on the ground before using his flying dagger to carefully cut out the entire small purple rock along with the “Purple Monkey Flower”. Then, he levelled the flying dagger and used it to carry the rock back to his hand. It was placed inside of the jade box and sealed off carefully.

When all of the spiritual medicines had been completely individually harvested by Han Li, it wasn’t until they were all stored that he took a long, relaxed breath. His state of mind had greatly calmed down.

He stretched lazily, then carelessly swept over the stone room again to confirm that he hadn’t overlooked anything in this place before calmly walking out.

When Han Li walked past the place where the giant centipede had received heavy damage, that demonic beast was already lying still on the ground. It was completely dead, and the huge pool of black, poisonous blood from its body caused this section of the cave to be pervaded by a strange smell that made people want to throw up. When Han Li smelled it, he felt somewhat dizzy and lightheaded.

Han Li startled, knowing that this was the effect of the poisonous nature of the blood diffusing into the air, so he quickly consumed some “Pure Spirit Powder”, causing the uncomfortable feeling to abate.

He walked about twenty meters away from the corpse of the centipede and stopped. Then, he let out his flying dagger and wildly stabbed it seven or eight times; seeing that it really had not moved at all, he finally relaxed and continued on his way.

But having just walked a few steps, Han Li’s figure bent at the waist and stooped down to pull out a short black knife. He used two fingers to gently wipe off the black mud around the knife’s edge, and the short knife immediately s

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