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Just as Han Li ordered the seven children blades to intercept the silver sword, he soon immediately felt his opponent’s strength.

With only this single huge sword magic tool, the large man immediately and unwaveringly pushed down on all of the golden blades. The seven golden streaks formed a defensive golden net.Under the tyrannical collision against the huge silver sword, the golden blades were completely defeated and weren’t even able to suppress it in the slightest. Instead, the golden blades radiance rapidly grew dim from the silver sword streak’s strike; a clear sign that the golden blades were breaking down. It seemed to be only a matter of time before they would be destroyed much like the young woman’s handkerchief.

However, Han Li had yet to experience the might of the silver sword and was surprised. In accordance to might, his “Gold Beetle Swarm Blades” were only common trash among top-grade magic tools. Being no match against the silver sword was within expectations and nothing to make a fuss over. As a result, Han Li pointed his finger, wanting two of the golden blades in the struggle to shoot toward the large man. He wanted to first test the opponent’s defensive methods. Besides, he wanted to see whether this was an opportunity he could exploit! After all, if someone were dead, there there would be no point in how strong someone’s magic tools were.

Two of the golden streaks Han Li was controlling were just about to turn, wanting to fly toward the man’s legs. Unexpectedly, the opponent’s huge sword suddenly resonated with silver light, and with the sword hilt at the center, it rapidly whirled. In an instant it turned into a huge silver disk and released countless threads of attractive force from its center, causing the nearby golden blades to become incapable of moving in the slightest as if they were weighed down by a thousand kilograms. The two blades wanting to leave naturally weren’t able to luckily escape.

These scene caused Han Li to be stunned from alarm. As soon as he regained his senses, he hastily looked toward the large man. As expected, the opponent was using a strange magic technique. His hands were dancing with the wind as if he were gesturing some sort of circles.

Han Li didn’t give it much thought and promptly patted his storage pouch. A flying blue dagger and a gold alms bowl flew out. The two items didn’t stop at Han Li’s side and shot straight toward the large man.

Although the hands of the barefoot man from the Giant Sword Sect were not idle, Han Li’s actions were clear. He sneered for a moment. Then he suddenly changed the incantation gestures in his hands and held his bare hand against the flying dagger and alms bow, pointing at the two objects from a distance.

Han Li immediately felt the result. He lost his connection to the two magic tools that were originally in their control.Woosh. Woosh.The two magic tools actually flew over twenty meters away and were sucked in by the floating h

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