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After a day in the Immortal’s cave, Han Li stood in front of his Master Li Huayuan and his wife. He then heard his master indifferently say, “Han Li, have you finished thinking about what you want your Master to give you? You can say it now!”

“Disciple wants a cultivation art compatible with him. He hopes Master can give one or two of them!” This didn’t need to be deeply thought about. Han Li, who had long known his answer, immediately blurted it out.

When Li Huayuan heard this, he didn’t show any surprise and instead faintly smiled to his wife at the side. He seemed to be saying, ‘How about it? I wasn’t wrong. He wanted a cultivation art, as expected!’

Then he returned his gaze to Han Li and calmly said, “En, your choice isn’t bad! First, let Master examine your spiritual roots and then I will decide what cultivation art to give you.”

When Han Li heard this, he didn’t dare to hesitate and immediately approached him. His master grabbed his wrist and quickly circulated energy around his meridians.

“Apart from metal cultivation techniques, all other attributes can be cultivated! You actually had four attribute spiritual roots, how shocking! On that day, I only saw that you had false spiritual roots but I didn’t think it’d be to such a degree!” After a moment of examination, Li Huayuan’s expression grew slightly strange, and he sighed.

When the young woman at the side heard this, she also revealed an expression of slight surprise. She remained silent and could not help but size up Han Li.

“Disciple’s aptitude is inferior and has disappointed Master!” Han Li’s face was a bit red as he replied this with slight shame.

“This is nothing. Since the Heavens have allowed you to reach Foundation Establishment, you surely have your own luck. But since it is like this, your choices for cultivation are a bit troublesome!”

“What do you mean?

When Han Li heard this, he blinked. Although Han Li did not take the initiative to ask, he displayed great doubt!

“Really! Give disciple a proper explanation. You are always so vague! Actually, what your Master means was that he originally wanted to let you choose a decent cultivation art, but now that he has seen your spiritual root attributes, he’s hesitant! After all, the better the cultivation art, the harder it is to cultivate! It would be better to let you cultivate a simpler cultivation art so that you advance a bit more quickly!” The young woman rebuked Li Huayuan and gave Han Li an explanation with a warm tone.

“That’s right. My wife read my thoughts.” Li Huayuan repeatedly nodded his head. He then continued to explain, “The cultivation arts of Immortal cultivators can generally be classified into three main types in accordance with speed and effects! For the first time, after it is cultivated, one’s magic power progresses at a speed that is similar to that of inferior cultivation arts. However, it grants an supplementary divine ability that can suppress enemies and

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