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Flying as fast as he could, Han Li returned to his Immortal’s cave after a short while.

Without doing anything further, he took out the formation establishment jade slip that Qi Yunxiao had given him and immersed his consciousness into it, carefully reading the method of using the formation establishment magic tools.

Han Li decided to push his previous plans to the side and first set up the great formation around his Immortal’s cave. After all, those cultivators were fighting not too far away; he did not feel safe!

The setup of the Five Elements Reversal Formation was quite simple.

After precisely inserting the formation flags and burying the formation plates, he was required to place down several small-scale magic formations with spirit stones outside of the formation center to provide the large formation with sufficient spiritual power.

Like that, the large formation was able to immediately function. Furthermore, the formation’s master only needed to know a few simple control commands and use the master formation flag on hand to ceaselessly shift and control the formation patterns, trapping enemies within illusions.

Han Li inserted the formation flags and buried the formations plates. Then he begrudgingly embedded several mid-grade spirit stones. These were half of all the spirit stones he possessed, and the loss caused his heart to ache for the majority of the day. But because he didn’t want to reduce the power of this great formation, he could only resign himself to parting with his wealth.

Though if he were to exchange some spiritual medicines of a certain age at the market city, Han Li would be able to acquire a great amount of spirit stones, but the odds of others discovering his secret and putting him under torturous interrogation would increase threefold. If he were not cautious and careful, he could’ve been attacked from all sides like that scene he just witnessed!

After testing the large formation’s operations, it seemed quite effective, but the specific defensive trapping ability could only be tested during an enemy trespass. But regarding its ability to completely shroud the vicinity of the Immortal’s cave for several acres without the slightest of abnormalities, Han Li found it to be greatly worth it.

Han Li, now feeling completely safe, returned to his chambers and started to think about his cultivation.

If he wanted even the slightest chance of entering the cycle of Core Formation, he would have to possess a top-grade cultivation technique, talent that one in ten thousand didn’t even possess, as well as the greatest of fortunes.

The problem of Foundation Establishment fundamentally didn’t compare! After all, Foundation Establishment only required sufficient aptitude and one or two Foundation Establishment Pills; with this, the odds of entering Foundation Establishment were rather large.

As for Core Formation, even with all of the above-mentioned circumstances, cultivators truly cap

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