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After Han Li left the Yue Lu Hall, he said goodbye to the two people in red and flew towards the Hundred Medicine Garden with his magic tool.

In the air, Han Li kept thinking about refining the Foundation Establishment Pill, while looking down at the continuous hills with indifference. Suddenly, a loud, rumbling burst came from beneath and surprised him. He couldn’t help but take a closer look…

Only to see lightning flickering on one of the hills, and there were some faint applause coming from there. It brought up Han Li’s curiosity; he landed from his magic tool nearby and automatically started to get close to the source.

“Murong Brothers, another one, show us what you’ve got!”

“That’s right. This is the first time I saw the shape of lightning that closely, it’s so frightening!”

As soon as he arrived at the top of the hill, Han Li heard a noise coming from the front, and the name ‘Murong Brothers’ moved his heart.

“The genius brothers with thunder spiritual roots who just entered the sect, isn’t their last name ‘Murong’! The loud burst from before…are these brothers, the focus of so much attention, demonstrating their skills?”

At this moment, he saw clearly that there were about thirty to forty disciples of varying ages on a hilltop, huddled in a loose circle and pointing to two eleven or twelve year-old youngsters in the middle of the circle while talking excitingly.

There were several charred pits within the circle. The edges of the pits were melted because of the high temperature, and they released light cyan-blue smoke. After a breeze blew by, the burnt smell was everywhere.

Seeing this scene, Han Li hastily went over and looked carefully at the youngsters. The two of them had delicate features, fair and tender skin, and they looked very similar. However, when they blinked their eyes, they looked like little elves.

At this moment, because of the crowd’s attention and praise, the two of them were blushing with excitement. After they looked at each other, they chanted a spell at the same time, and lightning flashed in the hands of the two, followed by two thin bolts of lightning flying out. They landed on the ground nearby with two loud bangs and a burst of bright, white light, creating two more pits in the ground.

“This is the thunder attribute’s Thunder Palm? Regardless of its power or sound, this was more powerful than the Fireball Technique, Icicle Technique, or other magic techniques that are of the same level. Thunder attribute magic techniques are indeed the most destructive magic techniques!” Han Li was astonished and also envious of the brothers’ spiritual roots attribute.

Obviously, Han Li wasn’t the only one with this mentality. The other disciples who were watching them were also looking at the two with envious looks, while hating themselves for not being blessed by the Heavens with this kind of high-grade attribute that made everyone jealous!

The brothers demonstrated the

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