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“Take over the Azure Stone Mountain Range’s Hundred Medicine Garden. Requires a set amount of rare drug ingredients to be handed over every year.”

When Han Li saw the gold characters written on the slip, Han Li was extremely joyful. He raised his head toward Honored Disciple Yu and pointed to the slip, saying, “I desire this task. Senior Martial Brother Yu, could you present this to me?”

After he heard Han Li’s words, Honored Disciple Yu pieced together a smile. But once he clearly saw the task Han Li had picked, the cheerful smile on his face became forced.

“Junior Martial Brother, please pick another task. This garden task is extremely difficult. It doesn’t suit Junior Martial Brother!” Honored Disciple Yu very sincerely said. However, when he saw Han Li’s puzzled appearance, he further explained, “Ever since the task was hung here several years ago, many have already attempted to compete it. However, all of them failed. Not only did they fail to receive an award, they were fined a great number of spirit stones. It could be said to be one of the most difficult tasks here. Even if Junior Martial Brother Han is joking, each disciple I assigned this slip to were quite talented in growing plants!”

After Han Li heard these words, he inwardly laughed. However, after some contemplation, he did not plan to give up. He modestly asked, “Could Senior Martial Brother tell me, in what way is this task difficult? How could there be no Senior Martial Brother that completed it? Isn’t it just supervising the medicinal herbs in the garden? How is this hard?”

“Could it be that Martial Nephew chose Senior Martial Brother Ma’s medicine garden assignment?” The nearby Old Man Ye after heard these two’s dialog, did not wait for the middle-aged Honored Disciple to reply. He wrinkled his brow and rushed to interrupt them.

“That’s right! Junior Martial Brother Han took a fancy to Senior Martial Uncle Ma’s extremely difficult assignment.” The middle-aged Honored Disciple did not know whether to laugh or cry.

After the old man heard this, he wore an enigmatic smile.

“Haha! Martial Nephew Han truly knows how to choose! He actually fancied the most troublesome task! However, this task truly causes one’s head to ache! There have already been a great many who were forced to receive this assignment and complained to me before. However, because Senior Martial Brother Ma was not willing to easily alter the conditions of rewards and penalties, I could not do anything! If Martial Nephew Han wishes to know the details of this task, he can follow me into the hall and take a look at the relevant files. It is much more compelling than hearing from the word of mouth!” It was unknown why this Hundred Opportunities Hall’s Hall Master Ye was so forthright toward Han Li. He went as far as to open the door for him in passing.

Han Li inwardly wrinkled his brow. This Martial Uncle Ye was a bit too enthusiastic! Although he had given his Foundation Establis

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