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After he clearly saw the two people’s appearances, Han Li inwardly sighed. They were unexpectedly the same as him, disciples who have cultivated to the eleventh layer. One appeared old, but his eyes showed a trace of cunning. The other appeared honest and naive. It was clear that he was an inexperienced youngster.

This strange pair had sought him, causing Han Li to truly feel a bit surprised. However, Han Li faintly guessed their purpose in coming after some slight thought.

“Is there something on these Senior Martial Brother’s minds?” Han Li coldly asked from courtesy. But he used an unintimate tone, undoubtedly revealing his attempt to have them retreat from an awkward situation..

Clearly, this Senior Martial Brother Xiang’s face was far thicker than Han Li imagine. Not only did he not mind Han Li’s thousand miles distant tone, but actually used a familiar and enthusiastic tone.

“Hehe, does Junior Martial Brother Han have a good plan for tomorrow’s trip to the forbidden area? Our magic power is quite meager. It’s quite possible that we will be the first to fall in a fiery melee with the other sects! Wouldn’t it be better for us to negotiate and think of a countermeasure?”

When Han Li heard this, he blinked his eyes several times and didn’t speak. Nevertheless, he was completely certain of the other party’s intentions. Their words were pretty close to his own guesses.

It seemed this old schemer planned to rope in a few disciples with feeble magic power and have them move and fight together, increasing security by much as well as greatly increasing their odds of survival.

However, Han Li clearly understood that this action came with both advantages and disadvantages.

If people were to concentrate in one place, the area they could search would be considerably less, greatly decreasing the amount of spiritual medicines they could find. As for how the spiritual medicines would be distributed in the end, that was also hard to say! It would probably be decided by strength.

Han Li naturally hadn’t the slightest interest in an alliance. Not only would there be no advantages but he was also more than likely to be used as cannon fodder.

As for this old schemer, he probably held no good intentions and was certain to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain by resorting to self serving manipulations.

The old man saw that Han Li remained speechless after he finished speaking. He couldn’t help but feel anxious, so he flusteredly said, “I actually have an idea. Perhaps Junior Martial Disciple has heard these words before, but this idea will absolutely ensure that everyone survives safely through the trip!”

The old man put up a profoundly mysterious expression and squeezed the wrinkles on his forehead for a moment; Han Li found his appearance to be quite humorous.

The yellow-haired youngster next to him seemed to greatly admire this old schemer. Although he didn’t say anything, he exposed an expectant ex

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