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‘Although I have never seen the Foundation Establishment Pill with my own eyes, I, Han Li, know its value and its importance very clearly! Think about it, at the Tian Wutai Great Immortal Ascension Assembly, nearly thousands of cultivators fought a battle of life and death, and for what? Wasn’t it because of the temptation of this Foundation Establishment Pill! And this Martial Uncle Ye thinks he could just trade it away with some spirit stones and magic tools, does he really think that I am some youngster who just came from the mountains?’ Han Li thought to himself while laughing coldly on the inside, but on the outside he appeared respectful, as if he was truly listening carefully to what the Martial Uncle Ye had to say.

The old man surnamed Ye was satisfied with Han Li’s response. After all, this future disciple didn’t reject him as soon as he brought up the trade for the Foundation Establishment Pill. It seemed like this could go somewhere.

He never thought that he could easily trade the Foundation Establishment Pill with the items that were mentioned earlier from the very beginning. Anyone who was not an an idiot would know to not trade this precious item for something so cheap. What he said earlier was merely a test!

But now, looking at Han Li’s attitude, there seemed to be the possibility of negotiation. He was overjoyed!

If Han Li was willing to trade, the old man was very confident that he could satisfy Han Li’s demands and trade it for the Foundation Establishment Pill. Just thinking about it made the old man surnamed Ye’s smile grow even wider. It even felt like Han Li was less of an eyesore than before!

“Martial Nephew Han, I’m sure you know about the attribute of your spiritual roots! To be honest, with Martial Nephew’s aptitude, even by taking the Foundation Establishment Pill, the rate of successfully entering Foundation Establishment is very low! At most, the Foundation Establishment Pill would boost your magic power, and maybe level up your basic powers two or three layers! If so, taking the Foundation Establishment Pill would be too wasteful! To Martial Nephew, it would be best to trade it for something more practical and worthy, if…” the old man started talking endlessly to tempt Han Li.

Even though Han Li looked like he was paying close attention to Martial Uncle Ye, he was already analyzing, calculating the pros and cons in his head.

Honestly, he knew very well that what the old man said was true. The chance of attaining Foundation Establishment after taking merely one Foundation Establishment Pill was almost too low! But if Han Li gave up the Foundation Establishment Pill that easily, he wouldn’t forgive himself. Because even if the chances were low, wasn’t there still a slight possibility of success?

But if he doesn’t give up the Foundation Establishment Pill to this Martial Uncle Ye in front of him, then his life in Yellow Maple Valley would definitely be unenjoyable. It was likely he woul

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