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Han Li half-squatted next to Junior Martial Sister Chen in passing and lowered his head to look carefully at the soft and captivating appearance of this lustful woman.

That curvaceous, plump body had naughtily exposed the abdomen, even slightly exposing a few ‘mysterious’ areas, causing Han Li to become dry at the mouth and grow somewhat dizzy.

He clearly understood that so long as he wished, the extraordinary beauty before him would immediately allow him to experience ecstasy that would seep into his very bones and allow him to become a true man. But after he blankly looked for long while, Han Li reluctantly shifted his eyes away, returning his gaze towards the woman’s face.

He wrinkled his brow and suddenly extended his forefinger toward her almond lips, softly wiping them. After he felt that moist smoothness, he quickly retracted his hand and softly sniffed it.

“It truly is the Joyful Meeting Pill. It seems he didn’t lie!” Han Li said to himself. A short moment after, it seemed he completely regained calmness.

“Great beauty, it seems your luck is quite good. Had you consumed some other aphrodisiac, I fear I would have truly ended your life early! However, since it is the Joyful Meeting Pill, I don’t necessarily have to. It can be assumed that you have already sunk into a hallucination and fundamentally cannot remember my appearance!” Han Li softly said as he lifted the woman’s chin with his hand and looked into her beautiful, bewitching eyes.

“In truth, the safest method would be to have you to disappear from this world. After all, even if you are hallucinating, you still might have a somewhat indistinct impression. Although this probability is very low, you should rejoice! Even though I am not a good person, I am not so vicious and fond of killing. I am also soft-hearted towards women. If you were a man, I would have cut you down without hesitation.” Han Li continued to talk to himself, helplessly and bitterly smiling.

Once this was said, Han Li became silent for a moment. After rigidly staring at the woman’s dainty appearance for a good while, he lowered his head and suddenly kissed the woman’s beautifully soft and alluring almond lips. Feeling him somewhat clumsily sucking on her lips, the woman passionately responded. After a long moment of ecstasy, Han Li reluctantly parted with the woman’s alluring lips.

“The affair between males and females is truly wonderful! Although I cannot truly experience ecstasy, this intimate mouthful could be considered a reward for the kindness of saving your life!” Han Li muttered, appearing absolutely reluctant to suffer a loss.

As for this woman’s Foundation Establishment Pill, because he had seized it from the hands of Senior Martial Brother Lu, Han Li would not return it.

“Sigh! Your current appearance can truly tempt men. Had I not heard from Old Man Ma that men and women who lose their virginity have a reduced chance at reaching Foundation Establishment, how c

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