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Han Li was moved after hearing the reward. He knew clearly that on the path of cultivation, he could definitely go through less trouble if a master could guide and point him in the right direction. This would benefit his cultivation.

But at the same time, this Martial Ancestor Li was definitely not someone he could lie to easily. Han Li had plenty of secrets himself, and if he was in contact with him for too long, Han Li was afraid that he would sense that something was wrong. If Martial Ancestor Li questioned him, it would be Han Li seeking his own death.

Moreover, hearing those pieces of “advice” he gave earlier, this person must not be someone who cherished the relationship between a master and a disciple. He would most likely use the discipleship to have others prey on the weak and kill for the treasure.

After thinking about it carefully, Han Li’s somewhat enticed mind calmed down right away.

The other Yellow Maple Valley disciples didn’t have these kinds of misgivings. They were each rubbing their palms as their morale rose greatly. Now they not only had to battle for their survival, but they also had to fight for their own future.

Han Li unconsciously took a look at Junior Martial Sister Chen and saw her blushed cheeks, her fists that were held tightly, and her shining eyes. It looked like she had made her decision.

Han Li sighed to himself and didn’t bother to keep paying attention to other people from the Yellow Maple Valley. Instead he looked towards the Clear Void Sect.

That Daoist Priest was shooting off his mouth to the people of the sect. He acted very excited from time to time and made those young Daoist Priests cheer each time. Each one of them was excited. It seemed like the brainwashing was successful. Of course, there were also some elder Daoist Priests whose expressions remained calm all along, not affected whatsoever.

Just as Han Li thought it was interesting and was enjoying it, someone suddenly yelled,

“Look! The people from the Masked Moon Sect are here! It’s the Heavenly Divine MoonBoat!”

Hearing this, Han Li was stunned and looked up into the sky.

A small bright, white dot was shining in the sky, slowly approaching.

Its speed was extremely fast. No long after, it was in the sky above the mountain. It was actually an enormous ship sculpted from green jade. Outside the wall of the ship was a delicate drawing of a dragon and a phoenix, making the ship seem extremely luxurious. There was even an incredibly large white shield surrounding the ship.

The ship was filled with a large crowd, half of them men and the other half women, all of whom were clad in white. The one leader was an attractive young woman who was well-dressed. Each of her movements was amorous and stirred people’s souls.

After this woman got off from the jade ship and removed the white shield, she opened her almond-shaped lips lightly and said, “Two Martial Brothers, Martial Uncle Qiong, here is Ni Chang

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