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After they heard Sect Master Zhong Lingdao’s encouragements, two honored disciples entered the halls with trays in their hands.

One of the trays had a gold-threaded storage pouch. The other tray had a small pile of multicolored mid-grade spirit stones. It seemed it was time to fulfill what was previously agreed. This could be considered the encouragement to fight! Han Li thought this slightly maliciously.

The mid-grade spirit stones were basically free for everyone to choose. Han Li already had an earth attribute and a fire attribute mid-grade spirit stone, so he picked a blue, water attribute spirit stone. Nobody fought him over this.

However, when spiritual tools were extracted from the storage pouch, the disciples gave cautious glances.

This storage pouch was unlike common storage pouches. It only required spiritual sense to store items instead of spiritual power. In addition, any spiritual power that was injected could later be absorbed by the items stored within. This bag also interrupted a cultivator’s spiritual sense inspection. So long as one extended their hand, they would be able to take out any stored spiritual tool. As for what item they would take out in the end, it would be hard to say. They could only determine it with the feel of their hand.

This storage pouch was specialized to extract spiritual tools and had been refined precisely for this purpose. Otherwise its practicality couldn’t be compared to that of common storage pouches, of which case who would use it!?

Although it was completely filled with high-quality magic tools, defensive magic tools were rarer than offensive magic tools. Furthermore, as high-quality defensive and offensive magic tools, their characteristics were greatly different.

If one could take out a suitable magic tool, their odds of surviving the Trial by Blood and Fire were sure to slightly increase. For those disciples lacking magic tools, they would be even more meticulous.

However, Han Li did not care.

On his previous trip to the city market, he swept clean the entire treasure collection that the Ten Thousand Treasures Store had accumulated for many years and was able to obtain two magic tools of the finest quality. Not to mention the Azure Flood Dragon Banner as well as other high-quality magic tools he acquired afterwards.

To receive just another high-quality magic tool did not excite him.

When it was Han Li’s turn to step forward, most of the people had already drawn a magic tool from the bag. As for what magic tool they drew, they naturally did not say and did not take them out for others to see.

Han Li extended his hand toward the pouch and randomly made a blind grab, acquiring a peculiar-looking object. His heart grew excited, and he instantly put it into his storage pouch while taking a stealthy glance. After moment of slight distraction, he immediately put it away.

At this moment, the person behind him already impatiently moved forward. When H

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